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Copyright Violation Notifications in MyAccount


Cox Business encourages responsible internet use. Our internet use policy is consistent with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and allows us to take steps when we receive notifications of claimed infringement.

  • Repeated notifications of claimed violations on your account could lead to Internet service suspension or termination.
  • All notifications received by Cox are viewable via MyAccount at myacccount.coxbusiness.com.
  • All notifications on your account include a link to www.cox.com/copyright to learn more about the DMCA laws.
  • For more information about your claimed violations, contact us at 888-333-7640 or send an email to abuse@cox.net.

Viewing Your Notifications

To see the copyright violation notifications for your account, use the following steps to navigate MyAccount and access the Customer Copyright Infringement page.

  1. Go to myaccount.coxbusiness.com.
  2. Sign in with profile owner User ID and Password.
  3. At the top of the page, click Customers.
  4. From the drop-down menu, click My Tools.
  5. Click Copyright Infringement.

    image of clicks to access copyright infringement information

    Result: A list of copyright violation notices display in Zulu/Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

    Note: Notifications received on your account prior to October 12, 2017 may not be available in MyAccount.

    image of the customer copyright violation page in myaccount
  6. To see details and determine your required actions, click View Violation.

    Result: The Notice Details pop-up window displays.

    image of the actions required to resolve the violation

Account Suspension and Termination Notifications

If you continue to receive copyright infringement notifications, then Cox suspends your Internet service. If your account continues to receive copyright infringement notifications, then your Internet service is terminated. If your Internet service is terminated for this reason, then you must contact us prior to your service being reactivated.