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Changing User Passwords in the Surveillance Application


Follow these instructions to change a user's password in the Surveillance Application.

Note the following items before you begin.

  • Only users logged in at an “Admin” level can change passwords.
  • If you are the only Admin level account on this system and you have forgotten your password, you must call support to reset your password.
  • As an Admin, it is possible to change all user passwords, including other Admins. The owner password cannot be changed.
  • The Admin cannot see the existing password of any user; the admin can only change it.
  • If the user whose password you want to change is logged in while the Admin is changing his or her password, the user will be unaffected by the change until the next time they log in.

Log into your Surveillance Application.


From the lower-left side of the window, click the arrow next to Users.

image of password reset

Right-click the username whose password you want to change and select User Settings.

Image of Drop down menu


On the Password Change window, complete the following steps:

  1. In the Password field, enter the new password.
  2. In the Confirm Password field, re-enter the new password.
  3. Click Apply.

    Image of password reset

    Result: The password has been changed.
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