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Curbside Management Solutions

Dynamic Curbside Solutions

Manage the curbs in your community with our Curbside Management Kiosks, which provide you with curbside insights and allow you to allocate access to your visitors.

  • Monetize spaces via payment app integration
  • Designate payment requirements remotely
  • Enhance driver and rider safety and keep traffic flowing
  • Create a better user experience with trending data

Smart Parking Solutions

What used to be a humble curb space for taxis and the occasional delivery truck has quickly turned into a minute-by-minute jockeying for valuable curb space by rideshare vendors, taxis, delivery service companies, small business customers, and new visitors to the area.

With many cities landlocked by existing businesses and infrastructure, adding new parking structures isn’t always an option. This means curb owners are now forced to find a better way to manage the curb space they already have.

Our Curbside Management Solutions are interactive digital display kiosks that allow you to take back control of your valuable curb space and manage it in a way that’s a win-win for everyone.

Curbside Management Benefits

Curb Usage Data

Video cameras record curb usage data and provide analytics to drive better decision making on space allocations.

Curb Accessibility & Adaptability

Manage curbside access in real-time for different user groups by designating space types based on changing needs and competing demands.

Curb Monetization

Assign specific spaces as paid parking kiosks when desired and have the flexibility to remotely set prices based on high-profile events or circumstances.

Curbside Safety

Protect both commercial drivers and passengers from unnecessary traffic accidents or pedestrian incidents through designated rideshare or service delivery areas.

Curb Flow & Traffic Easement

Utilize dynamic curb space access optimization to provide clear direction to drivers via digital signage and eases traffic congestion as cars move in and out more freely.

Curbside management

Top Reasons to Implement Curbside Management Solutions

If there is one thing drivers across the country can all agree on, it’s that ample parking has become harder and harder to find especially in high-traffic, downtown business districts. And the bigger the city, the bigger the challenges become for residents.


Complexity Made Easy

Finding the right technology, financial model, and deployment partner for your unique project is a huge undertaking. Cox Business provides that stability to plan with you long-term.

Custom Planning

A Cox Business professional will conduct an assessment to determine where curbside kiosks would be best utilized, taking into consideration current curbside usage data and best use of existing infrastructure requirements.

Process Management

Cox Business offers a speed-to-market advantage for curbside management because we handle the entire process from permitting and construction to installation and connectivity.

Training & Support

Cox will schedule training sessions to onboard users onto the solution platform and take users through a demo. We also assign customer success leads, to serve as your main point of contact and support you through the duration of the project.

Curbside Management FAQs

Curbside Management Solutions, from Cox Business, are interactive digital display kiosks that allow you to take back control of your valuable curb space by reclaiming lost parking revenues with automated enforcement. It also helps improves the access, traffic flow and public safety for drivers and riders.

The cost of curbside management solutions will vary depending on your needs. A Cox Business representative will partner with you to determine where curbside kiosks would be best utilized, taking into consideration current curbside usage data and the best-use of existing infrastructure requirements.


Schedule a consultation with one of our Cox Business representatives to create a comprehensive plan.

A vehicle pulls into a curbside stall and a camera is triggered to capture an image of the license plate. If payment is required, the driver can utilize a mobile payment app with QR code access. The kiosk will then display an image of the license plate along with a parking countdown clock.

As the city designated timeline winds down, visual cues will turn red signaling time of departure. A violation is logged if the driver stays in the curbside stall beyond the designated time for the space.

Space designations can vary throughout the day and may include:


  • Parking Zone – paid parking, mobile payment app integration with QR code access.
  • Taxi – space designated for taxi use only.
  • Loading Zone – ride share designation with timed access and no charge.
  • No Parking – designated for customer needs such as street cleaning, etc.

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