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Adding the Alarm Permit Number in the Detection Subscriber Portal


You may be required by your City Ordinance to register with the local police department or apply for and obtain an Alarm User Permit prior to the detection system activation, installation, operation, or use of equipment. Annual permit renewal may also be required. See Alarm Registration Ordinances and Permit Documents for Cox Business Security Solutions to check the permit requirements for your area.

Follow the steps below to enter your alarm permit number and expiration date in the detection subscriber portal.


Sign in to the detection subscriber portal.


Click the More menu and select Account.

Image of Security Menu Tab


Scroll to the bottom of the page to the Alarm Ordinance and Permit Registration section and complete the following steps.

  1. Enter your Alarm Permit Number.
  2. Enter the Expires On Date.
  3. Click SAVE ALL.

    Image of Alarm Registration setup

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