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Accessing Voice Mail Online Messaging


Cox Business provides Voice Mail Online Messaging for all voice mailboxes at no additional cost.

Follow the steps below to access your voice messages online.


Sign in to MyAccount.


On the MyAccount Sign In page, enter your User ID and Password, then click the Sign In button.

Note: If you do not remember your User ID or Password, or experience an issue signing in, see Recover Your Cox User ID or Reset Your Cox Password.


On the MyAccount homepage, click the Voicemail icon.

Image of the Voicemail icon in MyAccount

Result: The Voice Mail Tools page displays.

In the Message Center section, complete the following steps.
  1. Locate the message.

    • Unread messages will be bolded.
    • You can use the Search field or the Filter by drop-down to help search for a message.

  2. Click the message to expand the controls to be able to perform the following actions.
    • Play or pause the message
    • Delete the message
    • Download the message

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