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Selling partner program

Choose to Earn Residual or Upfront Commissions

Cox Business now offers a Residual or an Upfront Commission Payment Model. Contact us today to learn more about each option.

Become an Authorized Selling Partner

Sell the Cox Business product portfolio to a wide range of industries for competitive, performance-based
incentives—all with local Cox Channel team support.


Understand the difference between upfront and residual payments

Upfront commissions

Upfront Commissions

Receive a competitive one-time lump sum payment, so you can quickly gain access to the money you need now.

Residual commissions

Residual Commissions

Boost your monthly income stream with Cox Business’s residual payment options.

Contact your Technology Service Distributor today to choose which
commission model is the most optimal for your business.

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Proven Technology Service Distributor Partners

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Solutions for every business, right this way.

Request a callback with the form below or call us at 1-866-456-9944 to speak with a industry expert

*Filling out this form does not secure your official commission payment selection. You must contact your Technology Service Distributor by December 1st, 2023 to inform them which commission type (Upfront, or Residual) that you would like to receive from Cox Business. Failure to do so will automatically default you to the Upfront commission payment schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions

The business owner (agent) will need to inform their Technology Service Distributor (TSD) which compensation model that they will select.   Upfront or Residual.   Once the agent selects the compensation model, all sales commissions will be paid based on that selection.

The selection is irrevocable and cannot be changed afterwards.

Please refer to your TSD since your commission rates are determined by the TSD. Cox Business is confident that the commission rates are competitive in the industry.

The new compensation option will be launched January 1st. New customers that have service installed beginning in January 2024 will be eligible to earn commission.

Please notify your TSD of your commission schedule choice.  (Upfront or Residual) Engage with your ACM to discuss new customer opportunities.