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Welcome to Net Assurance

Congratulations on purchasing our business Internet backup solution, Net Assurance. This page will provide you with the information and resources you need to keep you powered and connected:

  • Key features and benefits recap
  • LTE backup device overview video
  • Setup and troubleshooting instructions
  • Automatic failover information
  • Proactive notification setup
  • Other troubleshooting resources

Get Started with Net Assurance

Net Assurance provides Cox Business Internet customers backup connectivity during unexpected network or power outages. As a backup service, it must be connected to your Cox Internet service.
Use these helpful links to get started.

If your business loses power or Internet service, automatically stay connected with our LTE backup Internet and battery solution.

Learn about the various LTE backup device and display indicator lights.

Learn how to set up and troubleshoot your Net Assurance LTE backup Internet and battery solution.

Know what to expect when a network or power outage occurs.

Proactively receive email and/or text message notifications when on LTE backup.

Get access to info about equipment troubleshooting and feature setup with your Cox Business Net Assurance service.

LTE Backup Device Overview Video

Learn about the various LTE backup device display indicator lights:

  • Power
  • WiFi Broadcast Indicator
  • LTE Modem Light
  • LTE Signal Strength Indicator

What to Expect While on the Backup Service

Losing power or Internet may seem unlikely but interruptions happen. From weather to user error, Net Assurance automatically activates when an outage occurs.

Proactive Notifications Alerts

You will proactively receive email and SMS alert notifications if you’ve set that feature up in advance.

Maximum Speed

You will receive a maximum speed of 10 Mbps download and 2 Mbps upload.

Guest and Cox WiFi Disabled

If you offer a separate a Cox or guest WiFi SSID  with your Internet Gateway, it will be automatically disabled to save bandwidth for your important applications.

Battery Life

Expect to receive approximately four hours of backup power with your LTE router and gateway or cable modem.*

Equipment Powering

Only equipment connected to the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) will stay in service during an outage.

Replacement Battery

Customer is responsible for requesting a replacement battery from Cox Business if one is needed in two to three years.

Bandwidth Performance

All services are transmitted on a best effort basis and may experience degraded performance due to the limited bandwidth.


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*Duration of backup battery runtime depends on multiple factors, including equipment, configuration, battery age, and temperature.

Service available in failover situations only. LTE Router, Universal Power Supply (UPS) and modem provided by Cox; remains property of Cox and must be returned to Cox upon termination of service to avoid additional charges. Speeds vary and are not guaranteed, and connection speed may be affected when using LTE. Max backup download speed is 10 Mbps. Not all services (including but not limited to Self-Install, Optical Internet, Multiple Static IP or CIDR Blocks, 3rd Party Internet (out of footprint), CBSS, Managed Wifi, and Voice Manager) are subject to backup. Only equipment connected to the UPS with Surge Protection has access to backup power. Backup speeds may not support video products, including video surveillance and TV service. All services and plans subject to Cox Business General Terms (including mandatory arbitration provisions), Cox Business Acceptable Use Policy (including Cox’s right to terminate service for abuse of network), and other policies: cox.com/policies. Customer must have Cox Business Internet or Cox Fiber Internet. Other restrictions and limitations apply.

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