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Setting Up Notifications in MyAccount


Using MyAccount, you can sign up to receive the following notifications by email or text message.

  • 911 Notifications - Receive a notification when a phone number on your account dials 911.
  • Outage Notifications - Receive a notification when a planned network update will cause an outage in your area.

  • This option is only for Profile Administrators and does not provide notifications for other types of outages at this time.
  • Once you are signed up for 911 or maintenance notifications, you can also view message notifications. For more information, see Viewing My Messages in MyAccount.

Follow the steps below to sign up to receive 911 or maintenance notifications.


Go to MyAccount and sign in using the steps below.

  1. In the User ID field, enter your primary username.
  2. In the Password field, enter your password.
  3. Click Sign In.

From the More section, click Configure Notifications.

Image of Configure Notifications


In the Existing User section, ensure that the Alternate Email Address field or the Mobile Phone Number field contain the email address or phone number that you want notifications sent to.

Image of MyAccount Manage Users page highlighting the Alternate Email Address and Mobile Phone Number fields

Note: You can add up to three email addresses and mobile phone numbers to receive notifications. To add additional email addresses or phone numbers, click the Add New link.


Under the Notifications tab, in the Preferred Contacts Methods section, click the Mobile Number and Email Address dropdowns to select the desired email address and mobile number to receive notifications.

Image of MyAccount Preferred Contact Methods highlighting the Mobile Number and Email Address drop down fields


In the Notification Category section, click Outage Notifications or 911 Notifications to expand notification menus.

Image of MyAccount Notification Category page highlighting 911 and Outage Notifications sections

Note: If you are subscribed to Net Assurance, the following notification options are available to select under Outage Notifications.
  • Notify me if the status of my internet backup connection changes - This notification displays if the Cradlepoint LTE status changes.
  • Notify me when my internet service is down - This notification displays if your Internet service goes offline.

Image of Net Assurance notification options


Use the Email and SMS toggles to enable or disable notifications for your preferred contact method.

Image of MyAccount Notifications section highlighting the Email and SMS toggles

Note: If the user is associated with multiple accounts, each associated account is listed. Use the toggles to enable or disable notifications for each account.

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