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VoiceManager Outgoing Calling Plan


The ability to manage the Outgoing Calling Plan from MyAccount is restricted. To make adjustments, contact us.

Outgoing Calling Plan allows you to manage outgoing or transferred calls by groups or accounts. These settings can be customized for anyone subscribed to VoiceManager or IP Centrex services. Use the table below to learn about VoiceManager Outgoing Calling Plan.

Inside GroupCalls within user's business group
Local CallsCalls within the same geographical region
Toll FreeFree calls to numbers beginning with 1, usually followed by 800, 877, or 888
Local Toll CallsChargeable calls within the same geographical region
International CallsChargeable calls to other countries
Operator AssistCalls made with the chargeable assistance to an operator
Chargeable Dir AssistChargeable calls made to Directory Assistance of an operator
700 Calls
  • Calls to 700 numbers
  • These calls may or may not be chargeable
Special SRVSllReserved for system administrator's discretion
900 CallsChargeable calls to 900 numbers
96 CallsChargeable calls to 976 numbers
10-10xxx Calls101 0XXX chargeable calls, such as 1010321
URL DialingChargeable calls made to an e-mail address instead of a phone number
Unknown Call TypeCalls to unknown call types
Outside GroupCalls from outside the user's business group

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