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Understanding the Notification Types for the Security Solutions System


Your Security Solution system has several notification types that are available for you to activate providing you with information that you would like to receive when certain activities occur at your business. These notifications can be set up to send to you via text or email.

The notification types and a short description are outlined in the table below.

Type of NotificationDescription
AlarmThe system reports that something has triggered an alarm.
Arming EventSomeone is arming or disarming the system.
Arming SupervisionNotification that no one has armed the system by a certain time.
Disarming SupervisionNotification that no one has disarmed the system by a certain time.
No-Show AlertThe system has not been disarmed within a specified timeframe.
Sensor ActivityA door sensor, window or glass break sensor is triggered.
Sensor Left OpenA door or window sensor is open.
System EventNotification of important security system concerns such as low battery and malfunction alerts.
Open/Close EventReceive an alert when a business-hours-related event occurs. This includes off-hours open, early close, not open on time, and more.
Alarm ReportedThere has been an alarm event at your property.
Sensor InactivityReceive an alert if no activity has been detected for a period of time.
Door Was Left OpenNotification if your warehouse door, private office, or freezer is left open.
Early/Off Hours OpenThe system was disarmed after closing hours and before arrival hours.
Not Open On TimeThe system was not disarmed during arrival hours.
Not Closed On TimeThe system was not armed during closing hours.
Employee Arming ActivityKnow who is opening up for the day and closing down for the night.
Silent Alarm ReportedA silent alarm has been reported by an employee.
Temperature AlertNotifies you if a device detects a temperature above or below a certain threshold.
Humidity AlertNotifies you if a device detects a humidity value above or below a certain threshold.
Thermostat AlertStay informed of changes to the thermostat by a user or through the mobile app.
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