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Taking Trunk Groups In or Out of Service in MyAccount


Use MyAccount to take your Trunk Groups in or out of service.


Go to MyAccount.coxbusiness.com and enter your User ID and Password, then click the Sign In button.


From the My Services section, click the Voice tab, then click Trunk Group Management.

image of the trunk group management icon

The Trunk Group Management window displays.


From the Trunk Group section, next to the Trunk Group ID you need to take in or out of service, click Edit.

image of clicking edit next to a trunk group in myaccount


Depending on your business needs, click the radio button next to either Out of Service or In Service.

  • Out of Service sets the trunk group maximum active incoming and outgoing call capacities to zero, causing the Trunk Group to not accept new calls or make outgoing calls.

    Note: Calls currently in progress are not affected by the change, so taking a Trunk Group out of service will not drop any calls on that line.

  • In Service restores the maximum active incoming and outgoing call capacities to the fully provisioned capacities.

image of clicking radio button for in or out of service

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