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Selecting Audio Settings for a Cox TV Receiver



On the Cox remote, press MENU to open the Cox menu.


Use the down arrow to highlight Settings and then press the right arrow.

Result: The Settings menu displays.


Use the down arrow to highlight Audio & Video and then press the right arrow.


Use the down arrow to highlight Audio Settings and then press the right arrow.


Use the table below to determine which audio setting to select.

Audio SettingsOptions
Volume LevelVolume Level enables or disables the ability of the Cox Remote to adjust the volume on the TV.
  • If you select Variable, then the Cox Remote can control the volume on the TV.
  • If you select Fixed, then the Cox Remote cannot control the volume on the TV.
Analog Output

Analog Output controls the audio output sent to your TV from the receiver.

Note: This option is not available if the receiver is connected to the TV using an HDMI cable.

  • Mono uses one signal for sound. The quality of sound is generally lower with this setting.
  • Stereo uses multiple signals for sound. The quality of sound with this setting is higher than Mono.
  • Surround Sound is used if you have surround sound equipment.
Digital OutputDigital Output is used to enable sound through an optical jack.
  • Pulse Code Modulated converts analog audio signals into digital audio signals.
  • Dolby Digital (AC3) is used for Dolby digital sounds available on certain digital broadcasts and streaming video.
Dynamic RangeDynamic Range is the difference between the quietest and loudest volume in a stream. In modern recording, this range is often limited through dynamic range compression, which allows for louder volume, but can make the recording sound less exciting or live.
  • Narrow dramatically lowers the higher volumes
  • Medium slightly lowers the higher volumes
  • Wide plays the entire audio dynamic range, including and highest and lowest sounds

    Note: Wide offers the greatest variance and higher quality of sound but a possible lower volume setting.
Audio LanguageAudio Language selects the audio language for programs that carry both the primary language and Secondary Audio Programming (SAP).
  • Primary will always use the primary language.
  • Alternate (SAP) will use the SAP when available.
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