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Creating Rules in the Detection Subscriber Portal


Text message notices are sent via SMS Short Code. Some mobile devices have SMS Short Code messaging blocked to eliminate SPAM and other unwanted text messages.
If you did not receive a text message for a rule that you set, you may have SMS Short Codes blocked on your device. You need to contact your mobile provider. In most cases the SMS Short Code block remains in place but an exception can be made for a particular SMS Short Code that allows messaging from that code. The SMS Short Code used for Cox is 73153, the sender is Numerex.

Rules are a flexible method for generating a variety of system actions, such as sending a text message or turning on a light, whenever something else happens in a given circumstance.

The following rules are created by default.

  • Default Alarm Rule
    This rule sends an email to the primary person on your account when an alarm is tripped at your premises. This rule cannot be deleted or disabled. It can only be modified in the following ways.
    • Change the method to notify from email to SMS (text) or SMS (text) to email.
    • Add or remove an email address or phone number from one or more people in your Contacts list.

      The email or phone number for the primary person on the account must be one of the notification methods.

  • Default Arm Rule
    This rule sends an email to the primary person on your account when the system is armed. You can delete or disable this rule.
  • Default Disarm Rule
    This rule sends an email to the primary person on your account when the system is disarmed. You can delete or disable this rule.

Follow the steps below to create a rule.


Sign in to the detection subscriber portal.


Select the Rules drop down and click Rules.

Image of Rules Menu


Click Add Rule.

Image of Add Rule button


Select the rule category for your rule.

Image of Event category choices

Once the event category has been selected, follow the step-by-step instructions to customize the new rule.

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