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Creating a Group Login for Multi-System Security Dashboard Using MyAccount



Add a Security Users through MyAccount.


From the Security page, click the Launch portal button.


Click Users.


In the upper right-hand corner, click Manage Logins.


Select the user ID to add to the group logins


From the Select Login roles and Permissions screen, select their login role and permissions based on the desired access. The following table provides information about the available roles.

AdministratorProvides full access to manage the locations within the groups you grant access to.
Full ControlProvides the ability to control and manage all devices and use most of the Customer Website and mobile app functionality available to the primary account login for each location in the Enterprise Group.
  • They will not have the ability to manage Customer Website logins, and they will not receive certain types of account notifications that go only to primary account logins.
  • They do not have the ability to manage the Enterprise Group or change group-level settings.
Read OnlyProvides the ability to see most of the Customer Website pages and settings for each of the locations in the Enterprise Group, but will not be able to make any changes to account settings, arming state, or device status, and cannot view saved video. These logins cannot manage Customer Website logins.
CustomCreate a Custom role to fit your exact requirements for this login. Use the checkboxes below to include a specific type of permission, and then decide what level of control to provide the login:
  • Read Only
  • Full Control
Note: Custom logins will be able to view additional Customer Website and mobile content, such as current system status, system history, their own password settings, and the system equipment list.

View the table below for steps on selecting the appropriate ACCESS TYPE for the user.

Access TypeDescriptionSteps
At All TimesAccess with no restrictions
  1. Click At All Times.
  2. Click Save.
Image of Access Period screen, highlighting At All Times and Save
Restricted ScheduleAccess with days and times
  1. Click Restricted Schedule.
  2. In the WEEKLY SCHEDULE section, select the days of the week and the timeframe that the user should have access to the panels.
  3. Click Save.
Image of Access Period screen, highlighting Restricted Schedule, Weekly Schedule section, and Save
Temporary AccessAccess for a limited time
  1. Click Temporary Access.
  2. In the TEMPORARY SCHEDULE section, set the Starting at day and time, and the Ending at day and time that the user should have access to the panels.
  3. Click Save.
Image of Access Period screen, highlighting Temporary Access, Temporary Schedule section, and Save

In the Access Type field, select the desired type of access for the user.

  • Existing + Future: Grants access to all devices in all locations across all groups and automatically grants access to future devices, locations, and groups.
  • All Existing Devices: Grants the user access to all currently existing devices, locations, and groups.
  • Set By Location: Allows you to select the desired access based on location.
  • No Device Access: Restricts access to all devices on all locations within any group.

Click Save.

The user code is sent to the panels at the selected locations to allow the user access.

  • Wait 5 minutes before testing the code at the panel.
  • The duration that it takes to push codes to the panel depends on the number of locations that need to be updated.

Do not make changes to the panel or send other remote commands during this time as this could result in codes not syncing properly.

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