Cox WiFi Service


Cox WiFi provides access to WiFi hotspots for Cox Internet customers who subscribe to the Preferred package or higher, at no additional charge.

  • Cox customers can now take their Cox Internet with them when they leave home.
  • Cox WiFi provides fast, wireless, on-the-go internet connectivity for a customer’s tablet, smartphone, or other WiFi enabled devices.
  • Customers have access to more than 70,000 hotspots which allows them to save on their wireless data plan.
  • With Cox WiFi, you can receive download speeds of up to 15 Mbps and upload speeds of 4 Mbps. The speeds can vary and are dependent on the number of devices connected to the hotspot at any given time.


Cox WiFi hotspots are available in all Cox markets at the following outdoor and indoor venues. Find locations near you at

  • Central business districts where people often eat, shop, and socialize
  • Waiting areas in professional small and medium size businesses
  • Residential multi-dwelling unit (MDU) common areas, including the pool area, lobby, and recreational playground and parks
  • Cox Retail Stores

For all Cox customers who may travel outside of their home area and want to access a WiFi hotspot, CableWiFi is available by a partnering cable provider.
CableWiFi is a wireless network name created through a collaboration of U.S. Cable & Internet Service Providers including Bright House Networks, Cablevision, Comcast, Cox Communications and Time Warner Cable. It allows each other’s eligible high-speed Internet customers free access to a collective network of over 500,000 WiFi hotspots across the nation.


Customers must subscribe to one of the following Cox High Speed Internet packages to use the Cox WiFi network.

  • Connect2Compete
  • Preferred 50
  • Preferred 150
  • Premier
  • Ultimate
  • Gigablast

Customers who subscribe to the Internet Essential and Internet Starter packages can upgrade to one of the qualifying packages to take advantage of the Cox WiFi service. Additionally, to try out Cox WiFi for free, Internet Essential and Starter customers can register for a Free Trial at any of our Cox WiFi hotspots and redeem a free 1-hour Access Pass. See details below for Free Trial.


To access and use Cox WiFi, see Signing In to Cox WiFi. You can connect to our hotspots using the following types of WiFi enabled devices:

  • Laptops using Windows or Mac operating systems
  • Tablets using iOS, Android, or Windows 8 operating systems
  • Smartphones using iOS, Android, Windows 8, or Blackberry operating systems

See for more information and to view the coverage map. It also includes CableWiFi hotspots.

Additional Questions and Answers

View frequently asked questions related to the following topics for Cox WiFi Service.

Access and Use 

How many devices can I use at the same time with Cox WiFi?

With Cox WiFi, three devices can be attached per user ID and ten per account at a time.

Can other members of my family use Cox WiFi?

Yes. With each Cox Internet account, you can have up to ten unique devices connected to Cox WiFi. Up to three devices can be connected at the same time per user ID.

How will customers access Cox WiFi?

Once customers are in an area where they can receive the Cox WiFi service, they should see the CoxWiFi network location in the list of available wireless networks on their wireless device. Customers must use their Cox User ID and Password to log in to Cox WiFi service. Once authenticated, they will be able to browse the internet as they would from home.

Am I able to use Cox WiFi outside of my service area?

Cox WiFi is available in select areas within the Cox service footprint. Customers traveling to these service areas may also use Cox WiFi.
Note: Cox is planning to expand the coverage available to our customers in the near future.

Will I have to sign in to Cox WiFi each time I access a Hotspot?

Cox will recognize your device on any hotspot for two years. For your security, you will be asked to sign in again to verify your username and password at least once every two years per hotspot, or if you access Cox WiFi on a different device.

Is the Cox WiFi Network secure?

Cox makes reasonable efforts to provide a secure service, but because this service is a wireless service, we strongly recommend you make sure any devices you connect are first protected by anti-virus / anti-malware software, and that your operating system firewall is turned on to provide additional protection. Cox cannot guarantee absolute security through Cox WiFi.

How can I get support for Cox WiFi?

For Cox WiFi support, please call 877-836-2390 and speak to a representative.

How do I disconnect my device from the Cox WiFi network?

If you are signed in to Cox WiFi and wish to disconnect, you will need to temporarily disable WiFi on your wireless device and wait for approximately 15 minutes. WiFi can usually be disabled and re-enabled by using a menu option or key press combination. Details vary depending on the type of device you are using, so consult the device manufacturer documentation for more information.

Note: Cox WiFi will remember your device for two years, so the next time you connect during that timeframe your device will automatically connect to CoxWiFi.

Free Trial 

What is Cox WiFi Free Trial?

To get to our Cox WiFi Free Trial pages and receive a promotional code to begin accessing the internet, customers only need to click on the Cox WiFi wireless network using a laptop, tablet, or smartphone from any Cox WiFi hotspot location. If a customer has been provided with a free trial promotional code, he should select the “redeem” option. If a customer does not have a free trial code and would like to get a one hour free trial of Cox WiFi, they should select the “register” option. Find the nearest hotspot via our Hotspot Map Finder at

Who is eligible to use Cox WiFi Free Trial?

The Cox WiFi Free Trial is available to any non-Cox customer and our current Cox customers who do not subscribe to the Preferred 50, Preferred 150, Premier, Ultimate, or Gigablast package.
Note: Preferred, Premier, Ultimate, and Gigablast subscribers are eligible to receive Cox WiFi for free as a part of their high-speed Internet service.

How can I obtain a Free Trial of Cox WiFi?

There are two ways to obtain Free Trial WiFi access:

  • Register for a free one-hour pass through our WiFi portal login page ,which can be accessed by selecting the Cox WiFi network at any of our outdoor hotspot locations in select Cox service areas.
  • Redeem a Free Trial promotional access code which you can obtain from a participating multi-dwelling unit property owner, such as an apartment complex or at a Cox Retail Solution Store, or our Customer Care support team.

How often can I register and sign up for Free Trial?

Customers can register for a Cox WiFi Free Trial promotional code once every 30 days.

How do I register for Free Trial WiFi access?

To register for Free Trial Access, complete the following steps from the Cox WiFi portal.

  1. Enter the following information:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Current Internet service provider
    • A valid email address
  1. Accept the WiFi Service Terms by selecting the checkbox.
  2. Click Submit.

    Note: A registration confirmation message stating that an email is on its way, with instructions on how to activate your free one-hour pass, is sent to your email address. You will have 15 minutes of open internet access to browse and pick up your email message.
  3. From the email, click the voucher link to automatically redeem your one-hour of free trial access.
    Note: Your Free Trial voucher code is valid for up to 30 days after it has been issued.

How do I redeem a promotional code?

  1. Enter the alphanumeric voucher code provided to you after clicking Redeem from the Cox WiFi portal page.
  2. Check the WiFi Service Terms box.
  3. Click Submit to take you to the internet.

Note: A typical voucher will be valid for redemption for up to 30 days after issue.

How many devices can I use at the same time?

Up to three devices can be connected at the same time using the same promotional code, but the assigned time will now be split across all three devices for the duration. For example, a 1-day access code used evenly across three devices will allow eight hours of connect time to each device.

Can other members of my family use Cox WiFi?

Yes. Each member can use the service as long as they have a valid Code and one of three eligible devices.

When using a Cox WiFi Free Trial promotional code, will I have to enter my access code each time I connect to a Hotspot?

If you are using the same device, but there is still time remaining, the next time you access Cox WiFi, your session will be directed to the internet. If there is no time remaining, a new code must be obtained to access the hotspot.

How do I use Cox WiFi after my Free Trial period has expired?

Customers who try Cox WiFi for free can sign up and become a regular Cox Internet subscriber at any time by calling Customer Care at 877-836-2390. Access to Cox WiFi is included when you subscribe to one of the following eligible Internet packages.

  • Connect2Compete
  • Preferred 50
  • Preferred 150
  • Premier
  • Ultimate
  • Gigablast

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