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Cox Business Dormant Mailbox Retention


Use the following information to learn more about the dormant mailbox retention timelines.

Status Action Taken
Dormant Mailbox Locked

If a non-administrative mailbox is not checked for new email for more than 120 days, it is considered dormant and will be locked.
Note: A non-administrative mailbox is a mailbox that does not have administrative properties. Administrative properties allow a user to manage and provision mailboxes. For more information on CoxMail administrative mailboxes go https://control.coxmail.com/.
The following condition apply to a locked email mailbox.

  • New messages sent to a dormant mailbox will be returned as undeliverable.
  • Dormant mailboxes in a locked state can be reactivated by accessing your CoxMail mailbox via webmail (coxmail.com) or POP-3 client, Outlook for example. Or, by setting up an automatic forward of your CoxMail webmail mailbox.
Dormant Mailbox Deleted

When a dormant mailbox is not checked for new email for an additional 60 days after it is locked, the mailbox is deleted. Messages remaining in the mailbox at that time will also be deleted.
Important: Once the email mailbox is deleted, emails cannot be recovered.
The following conditions apply to a deleted email mailbox.

  • New messages sent to a deleted mailbox will be returned as undeliverable. 
  • Email mailbox that are deleted lose any personalization. 
  • If this occurs and you wish to set up a new mailbox, contact your local Cox Business customer support representative.