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Contour 2 Accessibility Settings


Press the B button on the remote to access the Accessibility Settings Menu, or follow the steps below.

Note: For the Contour App options, refer to Setup and Navigate Through the Contour App Guide.

Press the CONTOUR button on the Cox remote.
Result: The Main Menu displays.
Use the arrow buttons to highlight the Settings gear icon, then press OK

Result: The Settings menu displays.
Press the down arrow to highlight Accessibility Settings, then press OK.

Use the steps in the table below to turn features on or off, or change options.

Action Steps

Enable video description.

For more information, see Learn About Video Description Service.

Use the down arrow to highlight Video Description, then press OK to turn the feature on or off.

Change Closed Captioning font color, size, or formatting.

Note: Use the voice remote to turn on closed captioning.

  1. Use the down arrow to highlight Closed Captioning Options, then press OK.
  2. Use the up and down arrows to highlight a setting, then press OK.
  3. Use the up and down arrows to choose an option, then press OK.

Turn Voice Guidance on or off.

For more information, see Using Contour 2 Voice Guidance

Use the down arrow to highlight Voice Guidance, then press OK to turn the feature on or off.

Change the size of the text.

  1. Use the up and down arrows to highlight Enhanced Text Readability.
  2. Use the up and down arrows to highlight On or Off, then press OK.

Note: This will increase the size of the on screen text.


After making changes, press LAST to return to the Settings menu or EXIT to return to the watching TV.

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