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Configuring Secondary Audio Programming for Contour TV


Use the following instructions when setting the Secondary Audio Programming (SAP) feature using the Cox remote control.

Shortcut Menu

Use the following process to turn on or off SAP using the shortcut menu.


To display the quick menu at the bottom of the screen, press the down arrow button.
Note: You may also access SAP by using the voice command.


In the menu screen, use the arrow buttons to highlight SAP, then press OK.

Image of Contour 2 SAP option

Result: The Audio Options menu displays showing the available languages. 


Use the up and down arrows to highlight a language, and then press OK.

Image of Contour 2 SAP language options highlighting Spanish

Result: The Audio Option with the checkmark shows the currently selected language.

Settings Menu

Use the following process to reset SAP to default through the Contour menu settings.

Press the CONTOUR button on the Cox remote.

Result: The Main Menu displays.
Use the right arrow to highlight the Settings gear icon, then press OK.

Image of menu gear icon
Result: The Settings menu displays.

Use the down arrow to highlight Language, then press OK.

Image of language option

Result: The Language menu displays.


Use the down arrow to highlight Audio Language (SAP) Reset, then press OK.

Image of Audio Language (SAP) Reset

Result: The Audio Language (SAP) Reset confirmation pop-up window displays.


Press OK to confirm.

image of confirmation message

Result: The SAP resets to default setting (English) for all channels.


Press EXIT to exit the menu and return to viewing your program.

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