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Configuring Secondary Audio Programming for Contour 2


Use the following instructions when setting the Secondary Audio Programming (SAP) feature using the Cox remote control.

  • The receiver displays a message to notify you if SAP is not available for the selected program or network.
  • The system displays the last selected language.
  • If SAP does not work immediately, change the channel and check the audio to verify that SAP is working.

Press the down arrow button.
Note: You may also access SAP by using the voice command.


In the menu screen, use the arrow buttons to highlight SAP, then press OK.

Image of Contour 2 SAP option

Result: The Audio Options menu displays showing the available languages. 


Use the up and down arrows to highlight a language, and then press OK.

Image of Contour 2 SAP language options highlighting Spanish

Result: The Audio Option with the check mark shows the currently selected language.

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