Adding a MyAccount User, Assigning Permissions, and Notifications


Follow the steps below to add a user and designate their permissions in MyAccount.


From the View All Users window, click Add a New User.

Image of Add New User


From the Add a New User window, enter information in the following fields.

Field Description
Username This must be a valid email address.
First Name This name is simply for registration. It does not make either you or the person whose name is entered the primary billing or technical contact.
Last Name The last name used for registration.
Primary Office Number The work telephone number for the user.
Alternate Email Address A secondary email address for the user.
Mobile Phone Number The mobile telephone number for the user.

Scroll down to the User Permissions section and complete the following steps.

  1. Select either an End User or an Administrator.
    • Administrator - provides the user full profile administrative permissions
    • End User - provides the user with some administrative permissions
  2. Click the + icon to expand the Billing Access, Internet & Data Services, or Voice sections to assign the applicable permissions for the user.
  3. Click Save and Continue.

    Image of User Permissions

    Note: Depending on the services you subscribe to, your options for User Permissions may vary from the example shown above.

A success message displays on the Manage Users window. If you would like to provide additional contact options, complete the following steps to enter additional email addresses and mobile phone numbers for the user.

  1. Under the Email Address or Mobile Phone Number fields, click + Add New.
  2. Enter an additional email address and mobile phone number for the user.
  3. Click Save.

Note: Each User may have up to three additional email addresses and three additional mobile phone numbers.

Image of + Add New option


Under the Notifications tab in the Preferred Contact Methods section, click on the drop-down menu to select the email or phone number where you would like to receive your notifications.

Image of Preferred Contact method

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