Add or Edit Keypad Codes From the Detection Touchscreen


Follow the steps below to add or edit keypad codes from your Security Solutions detection touchscreen.


On the touchscreen home screen, touch Settings.


Enter the Master Keypad Code and tap OK.


From the Settings screen, tap Security.

Image of Security Settings


From the Security menu, tap Manage Keypad Codes.

Image of Manage Keypad Codes


Tap Add Keycode or Edit.

Image of Add Guest Code


If you tap Edit, the Edit Keypad Code screen displays, providing the following options.

  1. Tap Delete to remove the user.
  2. Tap Edit to change the Name, Keypad Code, or Active Days.
  3. Tap DONE.

If you tap Add Keycode, the Add Keypad Code screen displays, complete the following steps to add a new keypad code.

  1. Enter the Name and Access Code.
  2. For Level, select Duress, Master, or Guest.
  3. Tap DONE.

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