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Solutions that power every part of your business

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It's official, Cox internet has faster download speeds and more reliable speeds than AT&T, nationwide.

Based on analysis by Ookla® of Speedtest Intelligence® data comparing median download speeds and Consistency Score of Cox and AT&T Internet, United States, Q1 2023. Ookla trademarks used under license and reprinted with permission.

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Make more sales with Cox’s Retail packages

Your business relies on powerful, stable connectivity for everything from managing inventory to keeping the line moving at the register. We created solutions built for retailers so your customers keep coming back.

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“I’ve always been able to rely on Cox Business to walk me through the solutions they offer and set me up with the right one. That’s important to a small business.”

Megan Arceneaux, Owner of Hub City Cycles

Keep the orders coming with Cox’s Food Services solutions

Whether you’re crafting a menu in the back of the house or serving customers in the front, running a restaurant requires your full attention. Take worrying about the WiFi off your plate with services built for your business.

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“Cox Business gives me the confidence to manage multiple stores remotely with reliable Internet that powers everything from security cameras to my point-of-sale.”

Jimmy Li, President of Pokitrition

Build a patient-first practice with Cox’s Health Care Services packages

From powering video appointments to keeping medical devices online, secure and reliable connectivity is crucial to the work you do. Cox’s healthcare solutions help you to stay close to your patients while keeping their data safe.

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“Nebraska Methodist Health has leveraged Cox’s services for over 20 years. When it comes to data security and telecommunications, our relationship with Cox helps us  accomplish anything.”

Kent Sona, Vice President & CIO of Nebraska Methodist Health System

Keep your operations moving with Cox’s Professional Services solutions

Whether you’re a business of one or 100, Cox’s Professional Services solutions guarantee the reliable, fast connectivity and secure information infrastructure your company needs to do good work.

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“We’ve been with Cox Business for 20 years because we wanted a partner who could provide us with reliable connection while also scaling their solutions to meet the way we work.”

Aaron Sturniolo, Director of IT at RRMM Architects

Design more deals with Cox’s Real Estate solutions

Remote showings and a competitive real-estate market requires you to stay close to your team, clients, and listings. Trust Cox to keep you connected with solutions built for your business.

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Scalable options for every kind of business

Business Internet

Internet speeds up to 2 Gbps that supports browsing to video conferencing across all your devices.

Business WiFi

Reliable WiFi both indoors and outdoors so you can offer secure access to guests and employees.

Backup Internet

Automatic LTE backup Internet with a 4-hour power supply that keeps critical operations running even in a power outage.

Voice and Collaboration

Voice, video, chat, and cloud file sharing tools for a more connected and productive team.

Business TV

Premium news, entertainment, and sports programming to entertain customers or visitors while they wait.


Protection from malicious websites, phishing, ransomware and other threats for your network, devices and data.

IT Services

24/7 live network, device and software configuration and support from remote experts, whenever you need it.


Scalable cloud services that connect and secure your business at every stage.

Service you can depend on, every time

Wireless carrier providing reliability

99.9% network reliability

No third party networks mean you can expect reliable service from Cox.

Faster speeds

Faster speeds

Our fiber-based network delivers stable, fast Internet wherever you need it.

24/7 support

24/7 support

Contact a local team of experts via phone, text, or chat, on your time.

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Manage your account and add or change services on the go.

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Whether you're a new or an existing customer, we're here to talk about your business needs and answer any questions you may have about our services.

Frequently asked questions

You may have heard of traditional Broadband Internet (which uses the same electrical cables as cable TV) where your bandwidth connection is shared with nearby businesses and residents. Fiber Internet, however, transmits data as light over a private connection. Less people sharing the bandwidth means faster speeds, more security, and guaranteed reliability. When you use Cox's fiber-based Internet you can depend on your connection and trust that your service can simply be scaled as your business grows.

When service interruptions due to uncontrollable weather or disasters arise,  Net Assurance, Cox’s backup Internet solution, automatically connects to the fastest LTE Internet provider in your area so you can stay online and connected to what matters, even in an outage.

Cox's business continuity solutions are designed to keep your business protected, your data safe, and your connection stable— even when things don't go to plan.


  • Cox's cybersecurity services block most threats before they reach your network, data or business devices — even with remote employees.
  • Our file protection solution encrypts and scans files for viruses before allowing them into your network.
  • In the event of a cyber attack, securely backed up files can be quickly restored so you can keep operations running with minimal downtime.
  • If you lose power in your area, Net Assurance, Cox’s backup Internet solution, automatically connects to the fastest LTE Internet provider in your area so you can stay online and connected to what matters, even in an outage.

We offer a complete portfolio of voice services that scale to the needs of every business.


  • Voice Manager is a voice line service that provides inbound and outbound calling for one business line. It comes with customizable features that help you manage call volume, track billable phone consultations, and build personal experiences for customers.
  • IP Centrex is an advanced, cloud-based, hosted telephone system delivering voice service over Cox Business’ private network and the Internet. IP Centrex unites your entire business with a single communication platform for a more flexible, customizable experience. You can also add Cisco's Webex to connect your employees to the office, no matter where they are.
  • Cox Business Voice and collaboration tools keep your team connected from anywhere using Webex or Microsoft Teams and provides your business with a seamless solution for video and voice conferencing, messaging, and file sharing. It comes with 24/7 user support for every employee on the platform.