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Support Videos

Cox's Residential Support Videos offer answers to common questions, as well as help you get the most out of your service.


Contour and TV Support Videos

Whether you need help getting the most out of your Contour service, connecting your equipment or using On Demand - our TV videos can you you up an running in no time.

Contour 2 General Overview

Learn how to get started watching and enjoying your TV experience with the new Contour from Cox.

How To Install a Cox TV Digital Mini Box  

Learn how to install a Cox cable mini box on your television with these easy to follow instructions. A mini box is now required to convert analog TV viewing to digital cable, per FCC regulations.

How To Watch Cox TV Online Everywhere

Learn how to watch TV online with Cox. See live TV and/or TV shows On Demand from your favorite television networks online or live stream content from TV network mobile apps from your smartphone or tablet at home or on the go.

How To Use the Cox Channel Line Up Guide

Learn all about your Cox Channel Line-up which shows which channels are part of your package, as well as their location in the guide.  The Channel Lineup can be found here: https://www.cox.com/residential/tv/channel-lineup.html

Contour 2 App Demo

This tutorial will show you how to navigate the Contour 2 App to quickly find your favorite shows.

Discover Cox On Demand

On DEMAND is the easy way to get movies and shows right in your living room, including many titles that aren't yet available at Redbox or Netflix®. Plus, with thousands of hours of FREE entertainment, there's always something On DEMAND.

How to Connect Your HDTV with HDMI Cables

Learn how to connect your HDTV using HDMI cables to your Cox cable box.

Internet Support Videos

Our Internet support videos cover a wide range of topics including connecting to Wi-Fi hot spots, resetting your modem and using Cox's Cloud Drive backup service.

How To Connect to Cox WiFi Hot Spots

Learn how you can connect to 400,000 free Cox WiFi Hotspots nationwide.

Discover Cox Internet Security Software

Safeguard your computers, tablets and smart phones with Cox Security Suite Plus powered by McAfee, free with your Cox High Speed Internet service. 

How to Reboot Your WiFi Internet and Telephone Modem

Learn how to reboot your WiFi internet and telephone modem online from My Account.

How to Maximize Your Internet Speed

You can do so much more with a fast online experience. With Cox High Speed Internet faster speed means faster in-home WiFi. When you can do everything this fast, you spend less time waiting and more time playing.

Gigablast from Cox!

Experience the internet with download speeds 100 times faster than average connections with Cox Gigablast Internet. Learn about the in-home Assessment, Pre-Installation checklist and final installation performed by a professional Cox installer. http://www.cox.com/gigablast

Phone Support Videos

Videos about the most common Digital Phone activities including call forwarding and accessing voicemail.

How to Use the Call Forwarding No Answer Service

Learn how to use the Call Forwarding No Answer service on your Cox Digital Telephone.

How to Use Anonymous Call Rejection

Learn how to activate anonymous call rejection on your Cox Digital Telephone.

Cox Readable Voice Mail

Cox Voice Mail offers Readable Voice Mail. Listen to your voice recordings, and download or view the transcribed text phone message all from your email. 

How to Activate Caller ID per Call Blocking

Learn how to activate caller ID per call blocking with Cox Digital Telephone.

How to Access Voice Mail Using an Android Device

Learn how to access your voice mail using an Android device

Homelife Support Videos

Get more out of your Homelife security and automation system by learning alarm system basics, how to use the Mobile app, Touchscreen and online portal, how to self-install devices, and more. 

Preparing for your Cox Homelife Installation

Getting a new Homelife system installed? Watch this video to learn about what to expect on installation day, and how to prepare.

How To Use the Homelife Touchscreen System

Learn about the features and functions available on your Cox Homelife touchscreen for home security and home automation, including Arming and disarming the system and Managing security zones

Directions for How To Use the Online Portal

Learn how to use the Cox Homelife online portal to arm and disarm your home security and home automation system via the personalized online web portal and much more.

How to Self-Install Homelife Smart Plugs 

Learn how to self-install your new Cox Homelife Smart Plug. 

How to Self-Install Homelife Continuous Video Recording

Learn how to self-install your new Cox Homelife Continuous Video Recording Playback Adapter.

Security & Home Automation Overview of the Basics

Learn about the basic terms and functions associated with your Cox Homelife security system, including Security zones and Arming modes

Use the Mobile App for Home Security & Automation

Learn about using the Cox Homelife mobile app to access your system's home security and home automation features, including arming and disarming the system and viewing live video.

Homelife Continuous Video Recorder 

The Cox Homelife Continuous Video Recording feature lets you capture continuously recorded video on one or two cameras, 24 hours a day, for up to ten days.

How To Self-Install a Smart LED Light Bulb 

Learn how to self-install your new Cox Homelife Smart LED Light Bulb.

How to Self-Install Homelife Smart Door Locks

Learn how to self-install your new Cox Homelife Smart Door Lock.

Billing and Account Videos

Whether reading your Cox bill or managing your online username and password our Billing and Account videos can help.

How to Read a Previous Balance on Your Cox Paper Bill

Learn how to read a previous balance on your Cox paper bill.

Setting up Your Username and Password for Your Cox Account

Discover how to set up your Cox username and password for your Cox account.

How to Reset Your Password on Your Cox.net Account

Forget your Cox.net password? Want to reset it? Watch this video to learn how easy it is to reset your password!

How to Set Up Easy Pay on Cox.com Using a Credit Card

Learn how to set up Easy Pay (auto pay) for your Cox bill using a credit card.

How to Read Your Pro-Install Charges on Your Cox Paper Bill

Learn how to read your Pro-Install charges on your Cox paper bill.

How to Read Credits on Your Cox Paper Bill

Learn how to read the credits on your Cox paper bill.

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