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2020 Tokyo Paralympics: Everything You Need to Know

August 17, 2021

Get ready to watch another amazing set of world-class athletes in competition.

Remember when Cuban sprinter Omara Durand set the world record for the 100-meter dash? Or when Brazilian swimmer Daniel Dias became the most decorated Paralympian in history? These were just a few of the awe-inspiring moments from the 2016 Rio Paralympics, and there are sure to be more at the next edition.
The 2020 Tokyo Paralympics are set to take place from Aug. 24 to Sept. 5, where 4,400 world-class athletes from over 160 different countries will come together to test their mettle. 
It's sure to be an action-packed two weeks you won't want to miss. Here's a guide to watching the event on NBC and its related channels and platforms.

Paralympic Events and Competitions

The Paralympic Games consist of some 22 sports and more than 500 events, so there will be plenty of riveting content. 

Don't miss the opening ceremony on Aug. 24, in which Tokyo has promised to deliver a meaningful performance highlighting the concept of “transcending preconceived notions" and “creating a coexistent society where everyone helps each other."
On Aug. 25, the games will start out strong with competitions in swimming, cycling track and wheelchair fencing. The following day, you'll be able to catch the beginnings of the equestrian and powerlifting competitions. Athletics (AKA track and field) is a spectator favorite that starts on Aug. 27 and runs through the remainder of the games.
On the last two nights of the competition, wheelchair tennis, wheelchair basketball and sitting volleyball will have their climactic finals. And don't miss goalball — a sport specifically designed for those with vision impairment — the final is set for Sept. 3. 
Other exciting events include judo, archery, table tennis, shooting and triathlon. This is also the first year The Paralympics will include Taekwondo and badminton. You can view the full 2020 Tokyo Paralympics schedule here.

How to Watch the Paralympics

This year's edition of The Tokyo Paralympics promises to be more accessible and easier to stream than ever before. Much like The Olympics, you'll be able to watch the ceremonies and events live on NBC, NBCSN and the Olympic Channel: Home of Team USA. NBC is also providing over 1,000 hours of streaming across several platforms, including Peacock — included at no additional cost for Cox video subscribers.
In addition to the competition, content will include athlete interviews, daily highlights, and special clips with competitor backstories and training. 
Paralympics coverage is not only widely available, it's accessible. The games are offered with Audio Description, and tuning in is easier than ever before — just say “Paralympics" into your Contour voice remote
Cox offers a variety of devices and services to help with sight, hearing and mobility needs. You can also make your TV accessible with the newly-launched Accessible Web Remote, big button remotes, closed captioning and voice guidance.

A Win for Everyone

Just as The Paralympics celebrates those with diverse abilities, technology is becoming increasingly more inclusive, with new and innovative accessibility features that aim to support athletes and spectators alike. Cox is committed to serving customers of all abilities and continuing to incorporating inclusive innovations in our products and services.

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