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Black TV Moms To Love and Appreciate

February 06, 2023

Black TV moms sustain love and care for their families while still living full lives as women with thriving careers.

Mothers are a source of love and support — even if they're fictional characters on TV. In honor of Black History Month, we're celebrating Black TV Moms who gather their families with love and care. You can watch these current and classic series by saying "Black History Month" or the name of the show into your Contour Voice Remote.

Lisa Landry from Sister, Sister
Where to watch: Netflix
There's not a lot that Lisa Landry (Jackée Harry) can't do — she's a single mother, fashion designer, hostess with the mostest. Raising her daughter in Detroit, Lisa shoulders a lot on her own. But through community and support with a host of friends and her co-parent Ray — alongside her dazzling wit and humor — she is able to usher her daughter onward while staying true to herself.
Vivian Banks from Bel-Air
Where to watch: Hulu, Peacock
In this reimagined, dramatic version of the '90s hit sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Will leaves the streets of Philadelphia behind to reestablish his life on the West Coast in Los Angeles. But in the new version, the character of Will's aunt, Vivian Banks (Cassandra Freeman), still reigns supreme. One way to describe her? No nonsense. Maybe it's because she hustled her way to get her G.E.D. after dropping out of high school, worked nights as a hotel housekeeper as she completed her bachelor's degree and continued on to get her Ph.D. at UCLA. She is firm yet loving with her three children and her troubled nephew Will when he comes to live with them.
Camille de Haan from Gossip Girl
Where to watch: HBO Max
Parenting her teen daughter Monet as she attends an exclusive private school in Manhattan presents a big challenge for Camile de Haan (Amanda Warren), but she is more than up to the task. In this reboot of the original Gossip Girl series, Camille de Haan shows wit and tenacity as she teaches her daughter about life. Her wealth, power and an immense amount of resources means she is not just a regular mom and in the end mother still knows best.
Dee Mitchell from Moesha
Where to watch: Netflix
Becoming a part of the Mitchell family was no easy journey for Dee (Sheryl Lee Ralph). After all, she became a mother to title character Moesha by marrying her father, a widower. More complicated for Moesha is that Dee is the vice principal at her high school. Despite these challenges, Dee manages to integrate herself into the family, finally gaining the acceptance and trust from both of her new stepchildren.
Athena Grant-Nash from 911
Where to watch: Fox
On this procedural series about first responders, Athena Grant-Nash (Angela Bassett) must strike a work-life balance between her demanding job as a no-nonsense patrol sergeant for the Los Angeles Police Department patrol and her role as a mom to two children — daughter May and son Harry. She remains close to her ex- and the father of her children, while building a new life with her second husband, fire captain Bobby Nash.
Trudy Proud from The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder
Where to watch: Disney+
Last year, Disney + created a rebooted version of this beloved animated series. Although in the reboot, daughter Penny Proud hits puberty and must cope with the changes that can bring, the role of mother Trudy (Paula Jai Parker) remains the same. Trudy Proud, also known as Dr. Gertrude, is a career woman. During the day she's a veterinarian nursing animals back to health with compassion and empathy. It is that same level of nurturing and kindness that she brings to her parenting. And with boatloads of patience for her husband Oscar and his antics, she sustains her family with her love and compassion.
Harriette Winslow from Family Matters
Where to watch: Hulu
Married to Carl Winslow, a police officer, Harriette Winslow (Jo Marie Payton) is the loving mother of three children on this beloved sitcom. Harriette is the matriarch of the family, keeping this multi-generational home full of love and warmth. She juggles numerous jobs through the years, ultimately becoming an executive at a department store — all while managing to be a present wife and mother.
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