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Using Contour TV Voice Guidance


When turned on, Voice Guidance reads the contents of the screen out loud, including program descriptions and navigation instructions. For examples of Voice Commands that are used with Voice Guidance, refer to Examples of Contour 2 Voice Commands.
Voice Guidance is available on the following screens.

  • Guide
  • Main Menu
  • Mini guide
  • Saved Menu
  • Settings Menu

Using the below steps adjust the Voice Guidance On or Off.

Quick Access

From the Cox remote, complete the following.

  1. Press the B button to access the Accessibility Settings Menu.
  2. Press the Down Arrow button to access the Voice Guidance On / Off window.
  3. Use the right arrow and press OK to turn Voice Guidance On or Off.

Using Voice Commands

Use the voice commands to control the Voice Guidance system.

  1. Press the MIC button.
  2. Say "Voice Guidance On" or "Voice Guidance Off."
    Result: Follow the Voice Guidance response "Press right arrow button and then OK to activate."

Using the Settings Menu

Voice Guidance can be managed through the Settings menu using the Cox remote.

  1. Press the CONTOUR button to access the Main Menu.
  2. Use the arrow buttons to highlight the Settings gear icon, then press OK.
  3. From the Settings menu, press the down arrow to highlight the Accessibility Setting, then press OK..
  4. From the Accessibility Setting, arrow down to highlight Voice Guidance, then press OK to turn the feature On or Off.

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