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CONVERGE | Entertainment

All for One, and One TV Package for All

April 08, 2020

How our TV package helped entertain three generations living under one roof.

When my parents told me they were coming to stay with us for a month, I was a little nervous. I love my family, but having two older adults, a toddler and a husband all under one roof sounded like a lot. I was worried about keeping the peace; making sure that everyone was engaged, entertained and connecting. I had no idea that my TV package was going to save the day.


With me and my husband working all day, my parents had free reign of the house most weekdays. I was a little concerned about what they would do all day, but the solution soon presented itself — my mother is a binger. She likes to take in a whole season of TV over a day or two; she'd mainline it, if she could. 

Our working all day provided the perfect opportunity for her to take advantage of our Contour TV. Because everything is all in one place, it was easy for my mom to access her favorites on Netflix and Amazon Prime. Each day, she could tear through several episodes of a new show, and there are so many options, I knew she'd never get bored. Problem solved.

Live Streamers

When it comes to television, my father is more of a traditionalist. He enjoys watching the news in the morning; he likes to scroll through networks; he likes to see what's playing on the History Channel. Luckily, our TV package also includes live TV. With over 140 channels, my dad had instant access to all the familiar networks and shows he likes at home. 

My husband likes to stream, as well, but mostly live sporting events. As the rest of the fam isn't crazy about sports, I was worried this would pose a problem on big game nights, but luckily with the Contour App, you can access your TV package from any device! That meant my husband could watch the big football game on his laptop in the office while the rest of us enjoyed a movie in the living room. Win, win!


My personal preference? When I finish up my day and look to relax, I like to look through a selection of curated films and go from there. That's why Cox's On Demandoption is perfect for me — in addition to all the best new releases, they've got hand-picked movie collections like “Indie Movies" or “Women's History." The options are constantly changing, so you can always find something new. 

On Demand is also great for my toddler — we can search TV shows by genre or network, and there are a ton of options for kids. He's at an age where his verbal skills are sharpening daily, so it's fun watching him say things like “Watch Cloudbabies" into the Contour Voice Remote.

Music Lovers

One tradition that we all fell in love with — dance parties! Music has the unique ability to bring everyone together without having to say a word. At least once a week, we would pass around the Contour Voice Remote and take turns playing our favorite artists on Pandora

The sheer variety of selections was wildly entertaining — my husband would always choose a new indie artist, my mom would choose Lady Gaga or Beyonce, my dad would choose something classical and our toddler would choose Raffi or The Beatles. We had such a blast laughing and dancing around together, I barely noticed the weeks going by. Our Contour TV package had something for everyone; not only were we all entertained, but we found ways to connect that we had never considered.

When my parents first arrived, I was nervous. By the time their trip was over, I didn't want them to leave.

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