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6 Thanksgiving Technology Tips To Streamline Thanksgiving Day

November 15, 2022

Thanksgiving technology like fast broadband for video calling remote relatives and Cox Contour for streaming Thanksgiving classics can make a great day even better!

Thanksgiving Day is often a whirlwind of planning, cooking and entertaining, and in between all that, we want the quality time to spend with family and friends. These Thanksgiving technology tips can help you and your loved ones enjoy a fun and relaxing Turkey Day.


1. Get Organized with Recipe Apps

Not sure what needs to be on that Thanksgiving grocery list? Get your turkeys in a row by planning your menu on a recipe app. The Yummly app collects recipes found across the web and add ingredients to your grocery list. If you're at a loss for appetizers and sides, it can also recommend recipes based on your shopping list, or via a search of millions of online recipes. Similar options include Whisk and Paprika.


2. Go High Tech with Your Turkey

Take the guesswork out of how long your turkey may need to stay in the oven with a smart meat thermometer. Meater wifi meat thermometers can calculate cooking times based on internal and surface temperatures, and desired doneness. Simply slide the thermometer into the meat, pop it into the oven, and receive updates on the companion app. The Meater Plus features an extended range up to about 160 feet from your phone, so you can get on with other Thanksgiving activities from catching up with family to a quick game of football.


3. Video Call Your Relatives

The best way to use technology on Thanksgiving? Video call your loved ones in another state or even share a virtual meal. Of course, fast, reliable internet connection is a must. Along with ensuring secure, wall-to-wall coverage for cozy video chats anywhere in the home, Cox Panoramic Wifi offers the ability to create separate passwords for guest wifi access so you'll have peace of mind when your Thanksgiving visitors log on, too.


4. Watch a Thanksgiving Classic

If you're looking for post-turkey, Thanksgiving activities that won't disrupt your state of bliss, grab that remote and get online. Whether you're into Thanksgiving classics or newer releases, you can easily stream them on the biggest screen in the house with Cox Contour. You can stream shows and movies from your tv, phone or tablet via apps like Netflix, or use your Cox Contour voice remote to access sports and other content.


5. Automate Your Clean Up

Wireless robot helpers to vacuum and mop afterwards? That's Thanksgiving technology to get behind. iRobot vacuum and mop cleaners learn the layout of your home and can direct extra cleaning power to messes and high-traffic areas. All you need is reliable, fast wifi and a comfy couch to relax on while you track down Thanksgiving bargains and Black Friday deals.


6. Give Back to Your Community

Wondering how to best give thanks beyond the day? Hop online and check out websites such as Local Giving, where you can find local causes to support or create a fundraising page of your own.


At Cox, we're proud to support local community organizations, and we'll continue using our time, talent and technology to help make cities and societies better. After all, gratitude is beautiful at Thanksgiving and all the year round.


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