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8 Smart Devices That Every Mom Needs

May 03, 2022

Need a Mother’s Day gift? Upgrade your gifting with these eight smart devices.

It’s no surprise that motherhood is filled with more than its fair share of challenges. This Mother’s Day, instead of gifting the usual flowers and chocolates (which are always a great idea), upgrade your gift giving to something that’s useful all year round—not just on her special day. 

Whether you’re celebrating a soon-to-be mom, a new mom or a special mother figure in your life, we’re here to help you show your appreciation for all that she does. From gadgets that help find missing keys to robots that assist with household chores, these smart devices are sure to have her feeling oh, so loved, while making her everyday life a tad bit easier.

1. Smart Thermostat

Give the gift of comfort with a smart thermostat. With features like auto-scheduling and remote access via the app, these easy-to-install devices help your household conserve energy, save money and keep a balanced temperature throughout the home. Thanks to the smart thermostat, both mom and baby can enjoy their day in full comfort surrounded by the perfect temperature. 

2. Smart Plug 

Perhaps the most versatile and easy to use, smart plugs offer endless possibilities for making life easier and more convenient. Whether mom wants to have coffee ready in the morning or program lights to turn on and off, smart plugs are a fun, useful product that can help run her household smoother than ever. Finally, mom can easily drift off to sleep to the sound of her fave TV show and know that “lights out” will happen whether she’s dreaming or not.

3. Bluetooth Tracker 

Being a parent often means that you’re toting along more than just your items. Thanks to Bluetooth trackers, mom will never misplace her keys, wallet or diaper bag ever again. Small enough to attach to nearly anything (including Fido’s collar), a smart tracker makes it easy to find important things when you think they’re lost—even if they’re in your hand.

4. Robot Vacuum/Mop

Give mom the opportunity to put her feet up while the robot vacuum gets down and dirty. With options for nearly any type of flooring, a robot vacuum (also available with mop capabilities) will clean up pet hair and simple everyday messes without assistance. Whether she’s putting away the groceries or taking a much-needed bubble bath, mom can control the device with the tap of her finger—and voila, the floors are clean.

5. Automatic Pet Feeder

Mornings can often be the most hectic time of day. Getting the family up and out the door can sometimes be a challenge, and everyone deserves a wholesome breakfast. Thanks to automatic pet feeders, four-legged family members can be set for the day ahead—even before their human relatives are up for the day. Just fill it with kibble, set the timer and enjoy knowing that 5am wake-up calls for Fido’s breakfast are a thing of the past.

6. Smart Lock 

With help from a smart lock, mom doesn’t need to worry about juggling multiple things at once while also making sure to lock the door. Give her the gift of convenience with help from a keyless entry. Great for all types of moms, smart locks make it easier to allow people entry—like friends swinging by with food or gifts for new parents. They also provide convenience and peace of mind when mom can lock and unlock the door from anywhere on her smart device.

7. Smart Charging Stand 

As tech moves away from one-time-use batteries, the collection of charging cords for every device can easily get out of hand. Help mom say goodbye to the endless tangle of cords with help from a wireless charging station. Perfect for keeping things tidy and saving precious space on the kitchen counter or bedside table, mom can rest easy knowing that all of her devices will be fully charged when she’s ready to take on the day. 

8. Virtual Assistant

Every mom deserves an assistant, right? With a smart home hub, mom is never alone—even when she’s solo. Working together through automation, virtual assistants provide the perfect way to control all smart devices from one location. Powered by artificial intelligence, mom can get answers to questions like, “How many ounces are in a cup?” next time she’s baking cookies, know what events are coming up in her calendar, or ask it to turn off the smart TV when it’s time for the little ones to get some rest.

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