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How This Dad-To-Be Outfitted His New Home with Tech

February 24, 2022

Here's how I kept my family safe and comfortable during our move.

How I kept my family safe and comfortable during our move.

February 22, 2022

Moving is always stressful — especially when you're expecting your first child. As I have a military background, my wife and I are no strangers to the nomadic life.


I've never been the overbearing type, but with a little one on the way I'm developing what's known as the dad reflex — the primal instinct that enables you to detect danger and prevent accidents.
As a result, I wanted to outfit our new home with every security measure possible. Thankfully, technology has come a long way — it helped ensure our move was worry-free and has helped us create a safe environment to put my dad-mind at ease.
The Move
Packing your life into boxes can be overwhelming, not to mention having to go off-line until you're fully settled in your new home. That's why we prepared in advance by creating checklists, organizing our belongings and hiring movers. I also had to work remotely during the move. Using Cox Panoramic Wifi, I was able to transfer service to our new home and didn't miss a beat.
When we reached our new house, we were relieved to find that all our settings from our previous home had been preserved. We just had to plug in everything and were good to go. As soon as I turned on the TV, it automatically went straight to my favorite movie channel, thanks to the integrated Wifi system. The sense of ease and familiarity made us feel right at home in our new space.
Safety First
When it comes to protecting our family, I didn't want to leave cut any corners. Thankfully, Cox Homelife Security has everything covered — including smoke detectors and sensors for floods, glass breaks, windows and motion — you can't make a peep in our house without me knowing about it.
The equipment represents the latest in tech: We have HD cameras that I can access remotely and smart door locks that I can set on a timer. The best part? Every monitoring device is integrated and connected through the Wifi network. No matter my location, I can always check the house on my smart phone or tablet. Now when I go out of town for work, I'll feel confident knowing that my family is safe.
Lifestyle Upgrade
Now that we're settled in our new home, I decided to take the next step and upgrade our living experience with home automation.
We can check the weather and pull up favorite recipes on our smart fridge. We installed smart plugs on all our appliances, so I can start the coffee maker from my phone. And when I hear the pup come in through the smart doggy door, I can activate his smart feeder with the touch of a button.
For movie night, I can get cozy on the couch and take care of the rest from my phone — order pizza, set the mood with smart LED lighting, adjust the smart thermostat, and of course, pick out a great movie through Cox On Demand with just the sound of my voice and my remote.
As soon as we moved-in, my wife and I felt right at home. We've got everything we need, and we're confident that our little one will be safe once they arrive. If we ever decide to move again, we can even take the entire security system with us.
Although I have a sneaking suspicion we won't be going anywhere for a while!


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