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Cox Mobile Getting Started Guide

Activating your phone is easy

You’ve signed up for Cox Mobile—now it’s time to get your phone up and running. We’ve laid out everything you need to know in steps below. Or you can go straight to the activation portal right now.

Here's what you'll need:

checkmark in green icon

Your Welcome Kit
You should receive this in your box or through email.

checkmark in green icon

Your phone, plus an additional device
The phone you're activating should be turned off. Use another device (tablet, computer) to complete the activation process.

checkmark in green icon

Info from your previous carrier
You’ll only need this if you’re keeping your existing number. Learn how to find your previous account number, billing address and transfer PIN.

checkmark in green icon

Your Cox log-in info
You will need this to log in to the Activation Portal.

Here's how easy it is:

Read these simple steps:

number one inside green outline circle icon

Select the phone you want to activate

Pick the device in the portal you are ready to activate and confirm that all provided info is correct.

number two inside green outline circle icon

Choose your number

On the "Choose your mobile number" screen, you'll see options to get a new number or transfer an existing one. Here's how each works:

We'll offer up to three potential numbers to choose from. Pick your favorite and click "Activate."

We'll need some information from your carrier like your billing address, account number and transfer PIN. Here's how to find it.

number three inside green outline circle icon

Activate your SIM card

Simply click the Activate button in the portal. This should only take a few moments to complete.

number four inside green outline circle icon

Install your SIM card

It’s easier than you think. You’ll see steps on your screen showing how to complete the installation.

number five inside green outline circle icon

Verify your service

You should be good to go. To be sure, try calling a friend or sending off a text.

Ready to get started?

Haven't joined Cox Mobile? Sign up now.

Device activation FAQs

Your questions answered

Yes. We accept phone numbers from all U.S. carriers, so it's easy to transfer your number during the activation process.

No, your previous service needs to stay active until your number has successfully transferred to Cox Mobile.

It may be required to contact your old carrier for this, but we can help you locate all of your previous account information if you’re having trouble.

There was a problem during the activation. The activation error message in the portal may give detail on what to correct, or you can message us and we will help you complete the process.

No, when the transfer process to Cox Mobile completes, the line at your previous carrier will disconnect automatically.

Looking for more?

Need additional help?

For any troubleshooting or futher questions, we've got you covered.

Your next phone

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*Pricing, packages and policies are subject to change. Cox Mobile plans and services subject to Mobile Customer Service Agreement (including mandatory arbitration provisions), Cox Mobile Acceptable Use Policy (including Cox's right to terminate service for abuse of network), Privacy Policy, Paperless Terms and Conditions and EasyPay Terms and Conditions.

Prices exclude taxes, device, activation, roaming data, international usage and other fees and charges, which are subject to change.

5G capable devices required to access the 5G network. Coverage not available in all areas. Cox Mobile runs on the network with unbeatable 5G reliability as measured by Ookla, LLC in the U.S., Q1 2024. Results may vary. Not an endorsement. Wifi not tested.

No annual contract means no minimum term period requirement and no early termination fees.

Calls include all domestic US destinations, Puerto Rico, and US territories. International long-distance plans available for additional monthly charge.

Text includes: (i) US and Int’l destinations (ii) Text, Picture, and Video Messages with Cox Mobile and non-Cox Mobile customers in the United States; (iii) Text, Picture, and Video messages sent via email; (iv) Instant Messages; and (v) Text, Picture, and Video Messages sent to, or received from, other countries while you are in the United States. Compatible device required. Premium Messaging programs not included. Other restrictions apply.

For Gig Unlimited, data speeds are reduced to a maximum of 1.5 Mbps download/750 Kbps upload after 20 GB of monthly data use.

For Pay As You Gig, data usage is billed per line in 1GB units ($15/ea); charges will not be pro-rated. Unused data does not roll over. Speeds reduced to a max of 1.5Mbps download/750 Kbps upload after 5GB of monthly data usage.

Other restrictions apply.