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Let's talk in-person events

May 16, 2023

Marketing not in your wheelhouse? Need tips?
Dive into “B2B Marketing: Maintaining Presence Everywhere,” a detailed article researched and written by the experts at Parks Associates. 
You’ll also find links to events that are actually worth your time.

Business to business marketing has changed dramatically, forcing companies to look at all marketing activities including the role of virtual and in-person events, social media, and the digital marketplace. The evolution of the marketing and sales process has caused an impact on virtual events, brand visibility, and digital marketing activities for lead generation.

Parks Associates’ research reports striking changes in the consumer and business world. Currently, up to 40% of US employees are working remotely and this trend is expected to continue as companies figure out their new hybrid model.

In 2020 and 2021, other industry research notes that in-person sales calls have dropped by over 50% and the ways companies are purchasing has changed. In fact, about 1 in 4 people say they are willing to spend $500,000+ through eCommerce or remote only
contact with salespeople. Further, 70%–80% of B2B buyers prefer remote human interactions or digital services and 73% of B2B buyers are now Millennials (Merit).

Parks Associates’ research reveals events play a critical role in the sales and marketing process. From an industry omnibus survey, 91% of business executives in the connected home space are ready and willing to travel for in-person conferences and meetings, once their company or organization allows travel. Additionally, 67% of executives feel virtual events are not as valuable as in-person events.

2022 shines a new light on in-person events as marketeers were forced to move to a complete virtual experience since the start of the pandemic. Parks Associates' survey emphasizes the role of both virtual and in-person event activities—that 79% of executives think the best format for 2022 and in the future is both in-person and virtual. Additionally, more than half of the 500 executives studied say that events play an extremely important role in company business.

It is evident that although the global pandemic has accelerated an increase in digital presence there is a level of value that comes with hosting and attending conferences in person. Adopting a hybrid model helps capture the attention of various audiences through executive conferences and tradeshows, public relations and media outreach, and content marketing services. Now more than ever, B2B marketing requires a multifaceted approach, with content and relevant information being critical.

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Manager, Inbound Marketing

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