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FCC ruling: What it means

May 16, 2023

On Tuesday, February 15, 2022, the FCC changed some rules regarding broadband providers and commercial property owner partnerships that will impact existing exclusive marketing agreements. If your contract is impacted, your account executive will be contacting you soon.

Now prohibited and why:

1. Sale and Leaseback
The FCC’s new rules prohibit sale and leaseback agreements with regard to “cable inside wiring.” We don’t have this kind of arrangement with our clients.

2. Graduated Revenue Share Agreements
The new rules prohibit graduated revenue sharing provisions in exclusive marketing agreements.

3. Exclusive Revenue Share Provision
The FCC’s new rules prohibit exclusive revenue share provisions in agreements. We don’t have this kind of arrangement with our clients.

Now required and why:
4. Exclusive Marketing Disclosures
The new rules require marketing materials to disclose to all residents or prospective residents that we have an exclusive marketing agreement.

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Director, Sales Strategy


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