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Build on this: More fiber access coming to rural areas

May 16, 2023

Providing broadband to underserved areas is a top priority for state and local governments, the industry as a whole, and Cox Communities.

According to Broadband Now, those areas account for 42 million Americans.1 That’s why we’ve been working with local municipalities and neighborhood leaders to help address their communities’ need for high speed internet access.

As Cox Communications President Mark Greatrex put it:
“Connectivity is at the heart of everything we do. With new applications of technology from virtual reality classrooms to autonomous vehicles to the metaverse, people will require increased bandwidth to power their digital futures.”

“Included in this investment is our commitment to bring robust and reliable services to underserved communities and to be the internet provider customers count on to make those valuable connections a reality.”

Closing the Divide with a Multi-Billion Dollar Bridge
In the coming years, you’ll find internet providers in more underserved and rural areas building their fiber-based networks. Our efforts include 10-Gigabit lines to 100K+ homes and businesses outside our established footprint.

These projects—aided by the influx of broadband funds at the federal, state, and municipality level—will help deliver breakthrough enhancements with broadband DOCSIS 4.0 technology.

This means soon your new future-ready homes will be able to offer Multi-Gigabit symmetrical speeds—a great position to be in.

Location, Location, Location
We’ll continue to keep an open dialogue with local leaders about the use of “smart initiatives” in their towns. These services include:
  • Traffic and parking
  • Public safety
  • Utilities management
Of course these services will benefit you too. After all, “getting in early” is the second most tried-and-true adage of smart real estate investments.

Bandwidth Paths Paved
Over the last decade, we've committed $19 billion to network and product upgrades to power our customers through their everyday lives.

And when the pandemic upended what “everyday life” meant, we were able to keep pace with historic internet traffic demand.

We’re committed to continue our work with local leaders to drive connected community development to ensure greater economic
viability from sustainability to smart management.

Contact Kristine Hedlund
Director of New Build Development
1 *Brookings Institute, “The benefits and costs of broadband expansion,” November 9, 2021


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