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8 TV Moms You’d Want by Your Side

May 06, 2022

Eight iconic TV moms you wouldn’t want to mess with.

We all know that being a mom is more than a full-time job. From raising the kids and taking care of the household to maintaining a career and setting aside personal time, navigating the highs and lows of parenting (and life) is truly a 24/7 gig. So, in honor of Mother’s Day, we’d like to give some special attention to the toughest, coolest, most loving TV moms that you can watch in action with Cox Contour TV and Contour Stream Player. Simply say the name of the show into your Contour Voice Remote, and stream it instantly.

1. Rainbow Sojourner “Bow” Johnson: The Unapologetic Do-It-All-er

Whether she’s dealing with racial stereotypes or drama at home, Dr. Johnson is the epitome of a matriarch. Juggling life as an anesthesiologist and a mother of five, her strong feminist point of view and unwillingness to be anyone but her authentic self uplifts those around her to do—and be—their best. Watch her do it all when you stream Blackish on Disney+.

2. Carol Brady: The Upbeat Mom

Already a mother to three young girls, taking on a new marriage and three additional kids can be a juggling act—but if anyone would succeed, it’s Mrs. Brady. She always makes time for each of her family members, while also devoting her “free” time to her interests, such as activism, writing and planning events for the PTA Her 24/7 title may be that of “Mom,” but she proves that a positive mindset can be the answer to just about any difficult situation. Stream The Brady Bunch on Paramount+ to soak up some of Mrs. Brady’s can-do attitude. 

3. Carmela Soprano: The Influential Mob Mom 

Although it may seem as if Carmela is the typical loving mother, she’s definitely a force to reckon with. Her quick wit and independent personality display a strong female figure, especially to her two young children. Through thick or thin, Carmela sharply wades through the tumultuous waters of being a mob wife and an attentive mother, making sure to provide her family with a strong backbone that can handle anything that comes their way. See what challenge she faces next when you watch The Sopranos on HBOMax.

4. Lorelai Gilmore: The Best Friend

While Gilmore Girls ended in the early 2000s, Netflix’s 2016 one-season reboot brought the girls back into our world, even if only for four short episodes. Even from its early days, Lorelai was the fictional single mother we all wish we had. As a hard-working businesswoman with a rather wild personal life, she never let anything—or anyone—get in her family’s way. From movie nights at home to discussing the next steps in life, this mother-daughter duo supports each other through all of life’s ups and downs—no matter what. Get in on this fun-loving relationship when you stream Gilmore Girls on Netflix.

5. Moira Rose: The Unconventional Matriarch

From riches to rags, Moira’s ability to turn any event into an opportunity to thrive is an endearing quality that grows with time. While her unique personality may seem self-centered and aloof to others, her alternative parenting methods and outgoing antics prove that being authentically yourself is the best way to be. Moira proves that ingenuity, resilience and a strong sense of self-worth are the ingredients it takes to be an influential figure to people from any—and all—backgrounds. Watch Schitt’s Creek on Netflix. 

6. Mrs. Kim: The Meddler of Love

An expert at juggling the nuances of establishing a fruitful Korean-Canadian family life while co-owning a convenience store with her husband, Mrs. Kim does it all. With strong familial instincts, she’s a hardworking woman who’s overly devoted to her family and community. Even though she may meddle in the lives of her loved ones (out of an abundance of caring, of course), she portrays the perfect example of how important it is to keep your family front and center. See her love in action when you stream Kim’s Convenience on Netflix. 

7. Dr. Miranda Bailey: The Ride or Die

Even though she spends a lot of her time at the hospital, Dr. Bailey proves that she has what it takes to supervise an entire medical unit and lead a family—while saving lives along the way. She’s the mom you want by your side along the wild ride of life, because nothing can stop her from supporting her loved ones and having a thriving career at the same time. Stream Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix to watch Dr. Bailey run her hospital and her home.

8. Kitty Forman: The All-American Mom

Everyone’s favorite hype woman, Kitty proves that moms really can do it all. She’s everyone’s idea of the perfect mom character—there to talk to, offers a shoulder to cry on and always makes a home-cooked meal. Even though she has her vices, like smoking cigarettes or imbibing in the occasional alcoholic beverage, Kitty’s overly-doting personality makes everyone, even strangers, feel loved and empowered to be who they’re meant to be. Catch up on this loveable mom when you stream That ‘70s Show on Netflix. 

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