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CONVERGE | Entertainment

Super Bowl Sunday: How to NOT Watch the Game

January 27, 2020

Do you know who's playing? Do you care? If you answered “no," this article is for you.

Super Bowl Sunday is an incredibly celebratory event that's packed with adrenaline, revelry, and pride — for some people. For others who aren't into football, going to a Super Bowl party is all about the queso dip. Given how big a social phenomenon the Super Bowl has become, it can feel like there's nothing else to do that day. 

Don't worry, we're here to support the haters — here are six great alternatives to watching the Super Bowl.

Watch a Different 'Bowl Game'

The cutest choice for your alternative Super Bowl Sunday is Animal Planet's annual Puppy Bowl, paws down. Each year, over 90 adorable shelter dogs compete for the Chewy “Lombarky" Trophy at Geico Stadium. The best part is that puppy participants are up for adoption, and after game day, virtually all find their “furever" home. Get involved by voting for MVP ("Most Valuable Puppy") on Animal Planet's Twitter account, or create your own puppy trading cards. Not into dogs? Try the Puppy Bowl's feline counterpart, Hallmark's Kitten Bowl.

Binge Watch with Your Friends

If you don't like football, but you do want to invite friends over to watch TV, here's your perfect opportunity to throw a binge-watching party. Keep it casual with the British dramedy Sex Education, available on Netflix. Or go all-out and throw a themed costume party for a period show like Downton Abbey, available on Amazon Prime Video. Or browse your faves from Netflix, live TV and On Demand all in one place using your Contour Voice Remote.

Create Your Own Dinner Party 'Bowl'

Raise your hand if your favorite part of Super Bowl is spending time in the kitchen making delicious treats (hand flies up). If you're a Food Network super fan, why not forego the Super Bowl altogether in a favor of a competition dinner party? For a more casual, potluck-style approach, choose a “secret ingredient" a few weeks in advance, then ask everyone to bring a homemade dish that features said item. For a more cutthroat version, wait to reveal the “secret ingredient" until guests arrive, then give each person or team a certain amount of time to complete their dish. The best part is that you won't have to worry about preparing dinner for a crowd.

Take Advantage of Smaller Crowds

While your favorite bars and pubs may fill to capacity with rowdy football fans, your favorite restaurants will likely be empty. The big game attracts so many people that any establishment that doesn't feature a TV will likely be looking for business. Now is the time to check out the dim sum place that normally has a line out the door or the hot, new restaurant that's booked out weeks in advance. The same applies for family activities — chances are, your local museum or ice skating rink won't be as packed, either.

Host a Game Night

Instead of inviting friends over to watch the game, you can play one of your own. The old-fashioned board game has experienced a resurgence in recent years and with good reason. Independent designers are coming up with wildly creative games like Bears Vs. Babies, in which you build monsters to defend yourself against — babies. If you're into strategy, check out Settlers of Catan, a seriously addictive game in which you collect resources to build settlements. 

Counter-Program Your Day

Nearly one third of the country watches the Super Bowl every year, but that still leaves two thirds who may want to screen something else. TV networks seem to understand this conundrum, which is why many channels offer great counter-programming on Super Bowl Sunday. Past TV marathons have included The Walking Dead on AMC, The Office on Comedy Central, Planet Earth: Blue Planet II on BBC America and The Simpsons on FXX.

Check out game-day TV schedules for all your favorite channels on Cox TV, there's bound to be something for every taste.

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