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Connection Stories

The Hug Project: This holiday season, hug the ones you love.

November 03, 2021

See how Cox stepped in to deliver an embrace to a mother and son separated by continents.

With holiday season upon us and COVID-19 still limiting travel, many families will face another year of holidays without their loved ones. This is especially true for immigrant families living across the globe, kept apart by circumstance, unable to be together.


Azamat immigrated from Russia in 2017 and hasn’t seen his mother in 5 years. The two share a strong bond despite incredible distances and years apart. This year, they’ll connect via innovative wearable vests programmed to emulate hugs. See their warm embrace and bittersweet tears in this new TV commercial that reminds us all to hug the ones we love this holiday season. We’ll share more of Azamat and his mother’s story in the coming weeks.


Find out more about The Hug Project and the ongoing initiative that captures the stories of real families – unable to be together in-person, sharing hugs and connecting in a whole new way.


Happy Holidays for all those near, and across the globe. 

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