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Connection Stories

Can Connection Heal? Introducing Stethoscope With A Heart

May 30, 2023

There are few connections more important than the one between doctor and patient.

Studies show that good connections between doctors and patients result in better patient outcomes. However, the current medical system makes it hard for doctors to nurture and facilitate those connections. Most doctors see between 11 and 20 patients a day, for an average of only 20 minutes each. Between rushed interactions and hard to understand medical jargon, patients are often left feeling confused, or with unanswered questions.


That’s why Cox created created “Stethoscope with a heart” – a wifi-enabled device that clips to a coat pocket or stethoscope and helps doctors improve patient relationships.
Developed over a period of nine months- the sleek white device (shaped like a heart) uses state-of-the-art natural language processing to record patient sessions and evaluate key metrics around conversational dominance and use of complex medical jargon. The device prompts doctors during their session and shares feedback throughout the day with tips to promote better two-way dialog – translating data into easy to understand, positive reinforcement that gives helpful advice to doctors and ensures patients have an opportunity to understand and have their questions answered.


The data can be viewed by session, day, and month, giving the doctors a clear view of how they’re progressing. The information is totally secure, keeping both patient and doctor information private.


While the technology is just a prototype, it demonstrates the healing power of compassionate connections and an opportunity for the next generation of doctors.


Because before patients can be healed, they have to be heard.


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