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Connection Stories

The Hug Project: An embrace for those who need it most

December 13, 2021

The pandemic has dramatically changed lives, relationships, and how we connect with each other. See how Cox is helping connect those unable to be together in-person, sharing hugs via innovative technology and connecting in a whole new way.


With COVID-19 ongoing, travel restrictions will keep families who live across the globe, separated by circumstance, apart for another year. That’s why Cox stepped in to help. Eleazar left Nicaragua over 30 years ago as a teen. Separated from his brother for over 20 years, they’ve maintained a deep connection, despite not knowing when – or if – they’ll be able to embrace again. 


“The Hug Project” gives the opportunity for loved ones to embrace with a virtual hug no matter the distance. Partnering with technology innovator, CuteCircuit, Cox manufactured an innovative wearable “HugShirt” programmed to emulate a HUG. Haptic sensors in the shirt connect two people. Isolated individuals will be able to feel the touch of a husband or a grandchild just as if they are there with them. Shirts were designed after analyzing dozens of hugs – and mapping hand positions with sensors and haptic actuators designed to give and receive the sensation of touch. Each hug is unique, allowing them to share hugs via innovative technology and connect in a whole new way.


Visit our YouTube channel to watch more stories of love and family and how the power of technology can connect us in new and meaningful ways.


The Hug Project is part of an ongoing initiative called The Connections Project, directed at providing human connection where it’s needed most.

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