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Connection Stories

What if you could hug loved ones from anywhere? The Hug Project: Adrianna’s Story

November 29, 2022

The Hug Project, which has been part of a larger initiative Cox calls TheConnectionsProject, has been dedicated at providing human connection where they’re needed most. Through a partnership between Cox and wearable tech company, Cute Circuit, ‘hug vests’ were designed to emulate a human hug – and show the real power of technology to keep us connected to the people in our lives. 

Since the program began, Cox has delivered hugs to immunocompromised families for whom physical hugs are a health risk, families separated across continents unable to be together, and most recently Adrianna Mogollon, a patient undergoing medical treatment far away from her sister.   

Nine years ago, Adrianna was diagnosed with stage 4 sarcoma. Recently, she moved to Texas for a clinical trial, hundreds of miles from her sister. This is Adrianna’s first time going through treatment without family in the room, and the isolation has been a heavy weight to carry. To help, Cox sent them wifi-enabled hug vests, so Adrianna and her sister could find some much-needed comfort through a virtual hug. And reunite in a whole new way. 

Every day, hundreds of patients like Adrianna are cut off from their families due to extended treatment. The Hug Project is celebrating the strength of these people and their unwavering bonds that stretch any distance. No matter the person, no matter the circumstance, we all need connection. And with some help from technology, we’re working to bring people closer. One family at a time.

​Through this initiative, we’ve learned that hugs do more than help us feel connected - they bring hope and healing. While health challenges may keep us apart, healing happens together.

See more of this work at TheConnectionsProject. To learn more about CuteCircuit and similar product offered go to: https://cutecircuit.com   


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