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Connection Stories

The Hug Project

January 21, 2022

Over the past year and a half, we've all learned firsthand what it's like to be without human connection. Without hugs. The Hug Project shows the real power of technology to bring us closer, allowing loved ones to share a hug from far away.

Today, there are over 47 million immigrants in the U.S.- many living apart from their families. In “The Hug Project | For those across the globe” Cox delivers an embrace to three families living across continents. Kept apart by circumstance, unable to be together. These are emotional stories of separation and personal sacrifice. Strong bonds maintained despite incredible distances. With the help of Cox, they are able to share a hug via innovative technology and reunite in a whole new way. 

The 3 films are a journey of leaving loved ones behind. Inclusive stories that remind us that while every family is unique- we share a universal need for human connection.



Azamat emigrated from Russia in 2017 and hasn’t seen his mother in 5 years. See them connect for the first time in a whole new way with an innovative wearable vest programmed to emulate a hug.



Eleazar has not seen his brother, Julio, in 20 years. Julio was like a father to him, and the distance has taken its toll on them both.  So Cox sent them a wifi-enabled hug vest to allow them to feel each other's touch once again.



Rashvinda immigrated to the U.S. from Malaysia in 2017. With recent travel restrictions, she's been unable to see her family since 2019. She misses their touch, their hugs, most of all- especially her sister, Selvinder's. See them reunite and share an embrace using a wifi enabled hug vest from Cox.

The Hug Project is part of a larger initiative Cox calls The Connections Project directed at providing human connection where it's needed most.  

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