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CONVERGE | Entertainment

Five Ways to Make Game Day More Fun

December 20, 2018

Kick your game day parties up a notch with these five fun tips.

Nothing brings friends and families together quite like game day. The tradition of gathering around the TV to cheer on your favorite team (or curse your bitter rival) is one that connects us all. But that doesn't mean that game day can't be taken up a notch.

As fantastic as game day is, with a little creative thinking and the right technology, you can take it to the next level. Here are five tips to make your next game day even more fun and interesting for your guests.

1. Pre-Game Pump Up

Just like sports teams have pre-game rituals to get ready for the action, you can create your pre-game routine with a special pump-up playlist. Using your preferred music service, ask your friends and family to help build a playlist of songs that you can enjoy before the game starts. Picking out music together is not only a way to get into the spirit of game day, but is sure to lead to some great conversations especially if your game day party is intergenerational.

2. Cooking Competitions

Sports are not the only time people enjoy a bit of competition. Based on the sheer number of competitive cooking shows on TV right now, the kitchen may be more of a battlefield than the football field. Since you need great food on game day, and you're already in a competitive spirit, why not take advantage and turn the cooking into a contest? From chili to chicken wings, there are enough amazing comfort foods out there that you can have a new competition every week of the season.

3. Real-Time Stats

Whether you're debating coaching strategies or which team has the best player, arguments are inevitable on game day, and that's not a bad thing. Lively debate is not only fun but can lead to some interesting propositions. That's where real-time stats come into play.

Cox Contour TV users already know that it's the simplest and fastest way to find your favorite entertainment, but did you know the Contour Sports App can also provide up-to-the-minute stats of your favorite games? You can even use the Voice Remote to ask it to compare specific teams and players, or look up fantasy football stats.

So the next time you're debating whether one receiver outclasses another, feel free to make a friendly wager. Instead of having to look up the information on your phone, it's as easy as speaking it into your remote.

4. Halftime Party Games

Just because the action stops at halftime doesn't mean you have to. From simple tabletop games like paper football to tailgate favorites like cornhole or ladder toss, incorporating your own "sport" into the day is a fun way to pass the time until the second half. Beware though: depending on how competitive your friends and family are, this game might end up becoming more important than the one on TV. (Fortunately, you can just use DVR to catch up on what you missed later.)

5. Create Your own Superstitious Tradition

Even the most logical among us get a little superstitious when it comes to sports. After all, who's to say your team didn't make the field goal because you were crossing your fingers, legs and eyes all at the same time? To make your superstitions a little less crazy and a little more fun, come up with one as a group.

If it works, or even if it doesn't, you'll have something enjoyable to talk about and pass onto new friends as they join the festivities. If you're lucky, your superstition might even pass onto the next generation (or two or three) until nobody knows exactly why they do it. That's when you know you've built a true legacy.

Because that's what a good game day celebration is all about it. If you can give friends and family a reason to come together regularly and make that time the most enjoyable few hours of their week, you'll build bonds and relationships that will last a lifetime.

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