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Contour 1: Music Features

Contour has now surrounded you with an even more personalized experience — adding Pandora and Music Choice Plus right on your TV. This perfect complement to Contour provides even more entertainment by incorporating the music you love into the overall personalized experience.


Image: Pandora TV

Pandora recognizes you have a unique relationship with your music, so it seeks to deliver the optimal radio experience.

  • Enter a favorite artist, track, comedian or genre and Pandora will create a personalized station that plays their music and more like it.
  • Rate tracks by giving thumbs up and thumbs down feedback and you can add variety to further refine your stations, discover new music and help Pandora play only the music you love.

How to use Pandora on Contour

See Contour TV service details. See also Contour TV Purchased Content details. See important information in the Residential Customer Service Agreement for full coverage details. See Annual Notice information for related information and your privacy rights as a Cox customer. A subscription to any level of Cox Residential Internet service and Contour 2 is required. Ad free Pandora viewing requires a Pandora membership. Pandora usage counts toward Cox data plans. For all Cox Communication policies regarding our services and business practices visit www.cox.com/aboutus/policies.html.
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