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7 Fetch Ways to Celebrate Mean Girls Day

September 30, 2021

It’s Mean Girls Day, get in.


Ever since Aaron Samuels first acknowledged Cady Heron on October 3, social media and movie fans have forever dubbed it Mean Girls Day. This teen movie turned cult classic is quoted more times than anyone wants to admit. This October 3, turn on your TV and watch this fan favorite for the millionth time. You can also follow these seven tips to have a fetch day.  


1. Have Lunch with Your Friends


Lunch was one of the most important aspects of high school for The Plastics. You either sat with them or you didn’t. This Mean Girls Day, extend a lunch invite to all your friends. Why eat alone when you can spend quality time with friends? In the real world there are no rules—except the more the merrier.


2. Bring Fetch Back


Just because Gretchen Wieners couldn’t make fetch happen, doesn’t mean you can’t. Everything from a cute outfit to a random act of kindness can be fetch. Fetch is the word we’re using to honor this special day. Use it, say it and share it with those you know so that it can live on for generations to come.


3. Wear Pink


The Plastics may have made Wednesday the day to wear pink, but we’re giving you permission to wear it as the official Mean Girls Day uniform. Throw on your favorite hot pink top or salmon-colored pants and walk as if you own the halls of high school. You can even take things up a notch and get matching outfits for the whole family.


4. Pick Up Your Bestie and Go Shopping


You don’t even have to say it—just pull up to your best friend’s house and go shopping. Whether you’re working from home or heading back to the office, a new outfit is never wrong. With a fresh ensemble and your bestie by your side, you’re guaranteed to look fetch.


5. Create a Burn Book, but Use It To Banish Evil


As The Plastics learned the hard way, using the Burn Book to mock others wasn’t the kind thing to do. So why not take this idea and use it for good? Take a notebook and write down all the negative things you want to burn—racism, bullying and hate can all go up in flames. Words are a powerful thing, use them to manifest positivity.


6. Hold a Mathlete Competition


Swap out trivia night for a mathlete competition and exercise your brain. Remember, the limits don’t exist—you can solve any problem if you just focus. You can even turn this into a family event and make studying fun for the kids. 



7. Give a Shout Out to All the Queens in Your Life


As Principal Duvall said at the Spring Fling, “we’re all winners here.” Don’t forget to celebrate what makes the people in your life so special and unique. Everyone is a queen (or king) and deserve a piece of the crown, make sure they don’t forget that. 


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