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The ultimate guide to working & learning from home

Is working from home or remote learning your new normal? From mastering video calls to creating the perfect workspace for you and your kids, follow our comprehensive guide for tips and best practices about working and learning from home.

Looking for tips on how to improve your work and learn from home environment for you and your kids?

We have you covered. Follow our tips for mastering working from home and remote learning.  

Mastering teleconferencing in the 'work-from-home' era


Preparing for video calls, increasing your wifi speed and practicing video conferencing etiquette can ensure you have a productive meeting. Learn how to avoid teleconference mishaps from home.

How to build the ultimate work-from-home space


Setting up a home office with essential equipment and optimizing your internet connection can help boost productivity. Learn how to build an ideal workspace  to avoid common work-from-home challenges.

How to build the ultimate school from home workspace

Create a space for your kids, minimize distractions and take advantage of outdoor spaces. Learn how to promote learning and boost productivity with these helpful homeschooling tips.

Distance learning tips to keep students engaged

Establish a daily routine and find educational activities to conquer short attention spans and procrastination. These tips can help keep your kids engaged during the era of distance learning.

Visual guide to working & learning from home

See how you can use these tips to successfully work from home and create an effective remote learning environment for your kids.

Learning and working from home infographic