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Creating the Ultimate Dad Den with Smart Home Tech

June 15, 2022

Don't get caught off-guard by classic dad-isms! Celebrate Father's Day with these dad den smart home tech essentials.


Father's Day is a great time to honor the significant role dads, stepdads, grandfathers, and other father figures play in our lives.
While there are plenty of ways to celebrate dad, there are few better gifts than building a "dad den" full of smart home technology that will make his life easier.
Dads have their own special language, though. Whether on Father's Day or any other day of the year, here's how you can decode what dad is saying to find the perfect gift.
"When I Was Your Age" Really Means "I Want to Be Nostalgic"
Back in dad's day, everyone walked to and from school uphill in the snow. And when they wanted to watch movies, they went to a theater or had to head to a video rental store in the hopes of finding their favorite flick. 
Today, dad can enjoy almost any title he wants from the comfort of home. Cox offers an expansive on-demand menu of content and premium channels, letting him easily find the movies he loved so much growing up. 
Of course, dad needs a nice way to watch those movies in his dad den. New smart TVs and sound bars range from quality budget choices to impressive, high-end, next-generation options.
"Go to Your Room" Really Means "Let Me Relax"
Did you ever get sent to your room when you didn't do anything wrong? Don't worry, dad probably just needed a little alone time to unwind.
During the dog days of summer, dad may want to take in a baseball game or check on his favorite team using the Contour voice remote. Or maybe he prefers to relax with a soothing massage — this deep tissue massage gun gives him full control over his pain relief. If he's more of a gamer, a virtual reality set provides a way to travel to magical lands.
"Hi Hungry, I'm Dad!" Really Means "Guess I'm in Charge of the Food"
Dads can never resist a good dad joke. When a child laments that they're hungry, that's a great opportunity to let loose.
But dad gets hungry, too.  Every den worth its salt can use a smart fridge, which offers features such as energy-saving adjustments with temperatures and lighting and the ability to viewing via an app, so dad knows exactly what to buy when he goes out grocery shopping. 
For the occasions dad really needs to focus, a smart coffee maker ensures he's got the perfect cup to keep him fueled throughout the day.
"The Early Bird Gets the Worm" Really Means "Be Prepared"
Advances in technology can also help dad's sense of security at home. HD cameras and alarm systems offer a 360-degree views inside and outside the home. Lights and speakers provide assistance with chores and shopping. Beyond cooling a home, smart thermostats can also monitor air quality and make adjustments as needed.
Help dad keep the family safe with Cox Homelife Automation and Homelife Security, which allow him to monitor his smart home from the comfort of his dad den or when he's away. He can remotely lock doors, control appliances or set the thermostat to just the right temperature.
Help celebrate Dad with Style
Dad may say a lot of things this Father's Day. With the right dad den set up, he'll most certainly say "thank you" — and then might tell you to go to your room so he can enjoy all the smart home technology for himself.
Need more inspiration? Check out these Cox Smart Stories to see how you can bring a dad den to life.


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