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Move your Cox service on your terms

We know the moving process can be hectic. Our simple, flexible moving options will allow you to stay connected to your TV, Internet, Voice, and Homelife services when you move.

Move Your Current Services

Let us know where you're moving and we'll check to see whether we offer your current Cox services in the area you are moving to. It takes less than 5 minutes.

We'll get you set-up with an installation that meets your needs at a time that fits your schedule.

Have questions about moving your service? Our FAQ on the next step has answers to the top customer questions.

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Pause your services temporarily

For your convenience, we provide the option of temporarily putting your service on hold for the season.

If this option matches your needs, we have special service rates for you!

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When Cox isn't available...

Moving into a new market that we don't service?

Allow us to assist you in canceling and walk you through the steps you'll need to take to move forward down the path.

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Not a Cox customer yet?

Moving into a Cox Market for the first time? Browse our package options, deals, and offers. Find the perfect package that matches your lifestyle!