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Keep your home safe with smoke, carbon monoxide and leak detection

Smart smoke, leak and carbon monoxide detectors are designed to alert you to any potential hazards in your home, no matter where you are. Smart alarms keep you connected via corresponding apps that you can monitor on a mobile device. Find out which smart devices can help sound the alarm and keep your home safe, even when you’re away.

Get instant alerts when your smart sensors detect fire, smoke or leaks

Smart smoke and fire detection 

Smoke detectors are loud, ear-piercing alarms that alert you in the event of a fire. Smart smoke detectors take the job one step further by sending an alert to your mobile device if the alarm is triggered. Whether you’re at work or virtually anywhere with cell service, you can call the fire department or a neighbor to check on your home. Some companies may have their monitoring station call you when an alarm is triggered and can then contact the fire department to respond to the alert. 

Control and silence smart sensors using your mobile device

Smart leak detection

Unlike smoke, a water leak isn’t always obvious. By the time you notice a leak, considerable damage can occur and result in substantial costs. Luckily, a smart water leak detector can help prevent water damage to your home and assets.  

By placing smart leak sensors near any of your pipes, sinks and toilets, you’ll receive notifications on your mobile device when even the tiniest spill occurs. Smart leak detection allows you to monitor water usage from anywhere and also benefit from:


  • A reduced water bill
  • Water conservation 
  • Protection of your home and assets from water damage

Whether you’re sound asleep or relaxing on a beach across the world, smart home solutions help protect your home, family and assets.


Learn how you can get a smarter, safer home with Cox Homelife Smart Home & Security

Get a smarter, more convenient home with Cox Homelife

Smart home technology is making it easier to stay safe at home.

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