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Manage your home when you’re away using smart home automation

What if you could access your home from virtually anywhere in the world? Thanks to the internet, you can remotely control smart utilities and features in your home, such as your locks, lights and outlets. Both convenient and secure, you can help manage your home even when you’re away. Read our guide on home automation to learn how it works and helps you monitor your home no matter where you are.

How does home automation work?

Home automation integrates your everyday smart devices via your home wifi network. Using an app, it’s easy to manage all of them from your mobile device. You can turn lights on and off, lock the front door and even turn off devices remotely.


Home automation consists of three elements:


  • Sensors: These devices help detect and monitor changes in lighting, temperature and motion. With home automation, you can adjust your settings and preferences from your phone.
  • Controllers: This refers to the digital devices, such as computers, tablets and smartphones that will be used to manage your automated features.
  • Actuators: These are the light switches or motors that directly control a home automation system and are generally activated by a remote control.  
Control Your Smart Home Features from Anywhere

How do automatic routines help provide convenience when you’re away?

The greatest benefit of home automation is the convenience. Setting home automation routines will allow you to step away from your home without wondering if you’ve left a light on or a door unlocked. Basically, you can set up any device connected to your home automation system to work with your schedule and preference. For example, home automation routines can help you:


  • Set the temperature: Let your home automation system know what your temperature preference is and it will automatically adjust every time you’re in the room. It can also turn your heater and air conditioning unit off anytime you’re away – saving you money on your electric bill.
  • Turn your lights on and off: Your lights can be programmed to turn on as you wake up and dim as you’re getting ready for bed.
  • Automatically lock and unlock your doors: You can comfortably leave your home knowing home automation will lock and secure your doors.
Smart Home Automation Routines

The benefits of front door automation

Exterior doors serve as access points to your home’s most valuable assets. Adding an extra level of security that goes beyond a standard lock and key, door automation offers features and benefits including:  

  • Automatic locking and unlocking: Smart locks eliminate the need for a key and even the need to lock up. Instead, set a routine for locking and unlocking your doors whenever you leave the house. Moreover, smart locks allow you to give visitors access with a unique code and restricted entry times.
  • Security camera monitoring: Install a smart security camera to monitor the outside of your home. The motion and noise detection will alert your phone any time something or someone is detected.  
  • Front door camera: A security camera by the front door makes it easy to see who’s coming and going. You’ll be notified whenever you have a visitor, even when you’re not home.  

How to automate smart lighting and increase presence

Smart lighting is a practical solution that helps you conserve energy and improve security. Smart light bulbs are long-lasting LED bulbs that can be controlled and monitored remotely through home automation. For home security, you’ll want to purchase smart lights with motion detection. Motion detection will signal your lights to turn on or off, depending on if someone is in the room. Using your smart light app, you can program this feature to send alerts whenever unexpected motion is detected, both inside and outside the house.  

Use smart plugs to help automate your home

Smart plugs have the ability to operate your non-smart products and integrate them into your home automation system. By adding a smart plug to a small appliance like a coffee maker, lamp or TV, you can schedule your device to turn on or off automatically. From analyzing how much energy you’re using to operating your appliances, smart plugs can seamlessly orchestrate much of your home’s functions.

Aside from conserving energy, smart plugs can also play a key role in securing your home. Intrusions often occur when burglars assume no one is home. Smart plugs feature Away Mode, so you can turn lights and appliances randomly on and off at certain date and time intervals. This helps stimulate actions in an occupied home, making intruders think twice about trying to enter. It may not be the biggest or loudest smart device, but it can give the illusion that someone is home.  

Add one or more smart devices to help provide convenience and presence. With home automation, you can help manage things within your household, whether you’re home or away.   


Get a smarter, safer home with Homelife Smart Home & Security

Get a smarter, more convenient home with Cox Homelife

Smart home technology is making it easier to stay safe at home.

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