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Smart home devices that save you money

Smart home devices aren’t just a convenient way to turn your lights on and off. They can also help reduce your carbon footprint, prevent property loss from theft, save you money and provide peace of mind. Here are some ways investing in smart devices for your home now can save you money later.

Energy savers

During hot summer days and cold winter nights, running your air conditioner and heating unit may feel like a necessity. Unfortunately, it often comes at a steep price. According to energy.gov, the average family household spends more on cooling and heating costs than any other utility.

A smart home thermostat can help optimize your home’s heating and cooling to reduce your carbon footprint while still enjoying a comfortable temperature. Some smart thermostats have the capability of adjusting temperatures based on your habits, preference and the time it takes to cool or heat your home. With thermostat automation you can coordinate your smart device to turn off the air or heat when you leave the house and back on when you return, so you’re not wasting energy while you’re gone. You can also use apps to control your thermostat when you’re away from home.

While cooling and heating may be the most obvious and immediate culprit of high energy costs, other household items can also cost you over time. Energy vampires are devices or appliances that consume energy even when they’re turned off, such as your coffee maker, microwave and TV. Smart plugs or smart outlets allow you to turn off any appliance that is plugged into a wall socket. You can manually control it using a compatible smart home app on your phone or automate it to work with your schedule. For example, you can coordinate your smart plug to turn off your coffee maker in the morning or turn on the slow cooker while you’re at work. That way you’ll avoid wondering if you left something on and whether it’s going to cost you later.  

Various ways to save energy with smart automation

Theft prevention

It’s easier than ever to have peace of mind about your property when you’re away at work or on vacation. With these smart home devices, you can help protect your home and your most valuable assets.


  • Smart security cameras: Help deter suspicious behavior while you’re away by installing a camera on your front door or porch. Depending on the camera’s setting, you can get notifications whenever someone approaches. You can also check in on your home from virtually anywhere using the compatible app.
  • Smart light bulbs: Simulate someone being home by adding smart lights to your home automation system. You can schedule the lights to turn on anytime you’re away.
  • Motion, window and door sensors: Add motion, window and door sensors to your home security system to help ensure you’re alerted in the event of a break-in or when movement is detected through certain parts of your house.

A home security system can protect your home, give you peace of mind and help you save on insurance. When insurance companies pay out claims, the price of insurance goes up, so they analyze how much risk is involved before quoting policy prices. Many will offer discounts if you have smart devices that help lower the risk of a claim, such as a smart security system. You can save even more if your insurance company offers a break for installing a smart smoke detector too.


Property protection

As a homeowner, both fire and water are something to worry about. While most homes may be equipped with a smoke detector, installing leak detectors can also help mitigate property damage. A smart water leak detector can analyze and control your water flow. You’ll get a notification the second a leak is detected, so you can shut the water off and prevent a small problem from becoming a costly one. Similarly, a smart smoke detector will notify you in the event of a fire, and they can be professionally monitored to alert responders. Smart detectors will alert you of possible issues wherever you are, so you can have peace of mind when you’re not home.


Peace of mind

Smart Home Automation woman sitting on bed

Overall, smart home devices offer the peace of mind you want and need. No matter where you are, you can feel confident knowing your home is in good hands with the help of smart devices and home automation. From saving you money on your utility bill to protecting your most valuable assets, smart home technology is worth the investment.



Learn how to make your home a smart home with devices made to work together

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Smart home technology is making it easier for you to save time and money.

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